My Truth: I Was Attacked By Gail Simone Fans Because I Called Her Out On Eternals

A pack of rabid, angry Gail Simone fans attacked me on Twitter after I called her out for her Eternals take, which you can see below.

To which I responded:


I said this because, as a comics writer, she says she’s “not that familiar with the comic.” However, she praised the film, which race and gender-swapped a number of characters. Eternals adds even more diversity with the MCU’s first deaf superhero, Makkari. The way these characters were introduced wasn’t comic accurate; it turns out these Eternals are (SPOILERS!) just a bunch of advanced robots. This begs the question, why create a deaf robot? The movie was also banned in the Middle Eastern countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar for a gay kiss scene between Phastos and his husband, which lasted all of 3 seconds. 

Anyway, Gail Simone would go on to interact with many tweets responding to her until I saw a notification that said:

I gasped in amazement. Doesn’t an esteemed comic writer who blazed trails for women and female empowerment in comics have other things to do besides yapping at people on Twitter? I guess she’s in-between runs at the moment? Obviously, I had to respond:


Here, she still couldn’t contain herself:

This is where things started picking up. When someone with nearly 186,000 followers interacts with you, Twitter notifications start to pile up. So now I begin to wade through the filth that is Gail Simone stans. The amount of pronouns in bios is alarming but not unexpected. I made the grave mistake of having Geeks + Gamers in my bio, so I’m obviously a toxic man-baby “incel” that needs to get laid. A lot of projection is clearly coming from these people. Sorry to whoever runs the Geeks + Gamers Twitter account for these smooth brains tagging you trying to get me canceled or something. But where I draw the line is accusations of being a “white supremacist.” This is the new tactic of the far left, including supporters of Gail Simone. I think this next meme is perfect in describing today’s political climate if you do not align with these weirdos. 

Gail Simone

Apart from the one-dimensional trash-talking and swearing, I think the best comments were the self-owns like this one:

And people were concerned with my spelling on Twitter while I was in the middle of working out:

But my favorite has to be this next one. The poster claims I preferred an all-white male cast, which I never said. They don’t even know the original race of the characters that the movie swapped. Nonetheless, they were crying to me about it on Twitter. Hint: Kingo was Japanese, and now he’s Pakistani, NOT WHITE.

The racism and projection from these blue checkmark, pronouns-in-bio losers is astounding. As you’ll see, this next She/Her says white isn’t even a race:


Apparently, Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza thought he made an impressive takedown of me when he grandstanded about buying Eternals issue #1 when he was a child. 

He also defended the film, claiming that a race of super-beings should reflect the cultures of the planet they are seeding. It’s a decent claim, except that it isn’t stated that is the reason for the Eternals genders or races in the movie. And a few tweets later, Fabian admits he hasn’t even seen the movie, so his point is invalid upon presentation.

He then goes on to say he didn’t like the Eternals comic when he read it previously. So the high ground he thought he had upon his first pompous Tweet came crumbling down in a spectacular self-own.

The moral of the story, kids: Twitter is not a place for rational discussion or coherent arguments, just a lot of yelling and name-calling. If you’re ever in my situation, just remember not to take the negativity seriously and you’ll be fine.

Also, shout-out to those who went to bat for me and countered the leftist comics stupidity on Twitter; you are all greatly appreciated.

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November 8, 2021 at 12:38 pm

What is this? An article written by a furry. Reeeeeeeee

November 8, 2021 at 3:03 pm

I cracked up very hard reading your tweets lol

November 8, 2021 at 9:16 pm

Imagine getting bullied by a bunch of middle-aged women and writing an entire article crying about it.

Flippin’ hilarious.

November 19, 2021 at 12:38 am

You left out the best part! The part where you continued to attack her, she commented your avatar at the time (Deadpool) was from a comic she worked on, and then how you continued to attack her and her fans saying she knew nothing about Deadpool and “probably didn’t know Ryan Reynolds”. You weren’t “attacked” because you were mad she liked Eternals, you were called out because you were trying to claim you knew more about deadpool than one of its writers and harassed her. For this being “your truth” you sure left out a lot of it. Lol fuckin beta nerd.

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