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    In reply to: Per-Episode Reviews?

    Per-episode reviews, why not.

    If the episode is great, then you want others to know about it too.

    If the episode SUCKS, then you want others to know about it too.


    I recall when ST: TNG first came out, and me and my friends would be talking about it for several days, until the next episode came the following week.

    While most episodes we liked, there was the odd one we disliked.


    The fact most shows today have crap episodes (I am talking about you Rings of shit and they/it-hulk), we at least have The Orville were we get more great episodes than not.

    And for those of us who don’t have access to these shows, if it nice to get honest reviews of them.  So that when a show is available on DVD, if I see alot of positive reviews, I will purchase it (like I have with the first two seasons of The Orville).


    And for those reviews of episodes that are shite, I have found the reviews to be more entertaining than the actual episodes they are reviewing.


      “As you may know they are all coming in proper 4K September 6th”

      Ohhhh I am aware :)

      I agree with you on most everything to one degree or another.  I really loved DS9 however your points are still valid in my mind without a doubt.  I can see where you are coming from on that one.

      I like The Orville but I am sometimes put off by it’s anti-religion slant.  But I do enjoy the show I just skip certain episodes and move on with my life. Roddenberry’s Star Trek did not champion religion but it (in my mind) respected it. He was a Catholic or grew up that way as I understand it.  I think he ended up being non-practicing later in life and I have always assumed (maybe incorrectly) he did not agree with organized religion but deeply respected certain parts of it.  And for me I see a lot of that in most everything he did.

      We are in total agreement about the new stuff.  I ranted about that on another thread last night as well.

      Thanks for typing your post out, it was a pleasure to read.


        I am as much a Trekkie as I am a Star Wars Fan. I grew up on them both. My mom loved Star Trek and still does. I remember watching my mom cry like a baby when Spock died in The Wrath of Khan, and yes I am old enough to have watched them in original release in the theatre. I saw A New Hope around 10 times in 1977 in the theatre. I was 4.

        I absolutely LOVE the original cast movies. I don’t care, even the “bad” ones are gold to me. As you may know they are all coming in proper 4K September 6th. I have them ALL pre-ordered. Ya, it wasn’t cheap, but I don’t care. Star Trek I: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition in 4K is actually a dream of mine for many years. I waited and waited for it in 4K, I hung on to my DVD copy hoping they would finally do it and put it in 4K. They have now. I absolutely LOVE that movie, but The Director’s Edition is the best version of the movie imo. I could talk all day about how great that movie is to me. But, then again, so are all the other original cast movies. And I’ll get all those with extras and Directors cuts too in 4K on Sept 6th.

        To me the original cast Trek is where it is at. The companionship and stories are just great. I love the quiet moments between characters in the 6 movies. The scene where Kirk is having his birthday and Mc Coy has a nice “wake the hell up” moment with him. The scene where Spock explains to his bother, after the vision, that he has come to grips with his birth and father. The campfire scenes with Spock, Kirk, and Mc Coy. The bridge sequence with Kahn on the viewer and them scrambling for time. Kirk finding out about his son. Kirk dealing with the death of his newly found son. Spock getting his memory back. Spock trying to understand “colorful metaphors” and Spock saying “One Damn minute” line still makes me laugh. You don’t find any of this stuff in new Trek because the people making it don’t understand stuff like this. “modern” storytelling is empty.

        So here we go.

        For the TV shows. I like Original, TNG, Voyager, Enterprise. I frankly love Enterprise, and well, I have a crush to this day on T’pol. I am not the biggest fan of DS9. I just couldn’t stomach the bajoran’s. I found them wimpy. Sure, I liked Odo and Quark. But, I really liked it when Worf and the Cardassians were more prevalent in the show. It was better than imo. All the actors playing the Cardassian’s did a great job.

        I really frankly am not the biggest fan of the TNG movies. I never watch them, and if I do, it is only Generations. I don’t even own them on Blu. I still have them on DVD. So, I haven’t even bothered to upgrade in all this time because I just never watch them.

        The redo Star Trek. Well, I like the first movie, and the third one Beyond, enough to have bought them in 4K. But, Into Darkness is an utter train wreck. Horrible movie. But, at the end of the day I am not a big fan of the JJ verse. I don’t like his “modern” style. They don’t have those wonderful quiet character moments like the original movies did. The bond is not there with them.

        The new stuff is mostly trash. I only watched Ep 1 of Lower Decks and couldn’t take it. Discovery is an absolute abomination. I have watched it all and had some utterly cringe moments. It is not Star Trek. I have never seen people cry so much in a sci-fi show. The main protagonist Michael is an absolute trash character. She get’s away with everything, and no matter how bad she screws up, she still get’s rewarded because she is THE BEST!!! And don’t get me started on the two “inclusive” characters, Adira and Grey Tal, that are just nauseatingly bad. The actor/actress whatever you want to call it that plays Grey Tal is so utterly cringe it has me looking away sometimes. It’s just BAD. The only shining light on that show is Commander Saru.


        Now, Prodigy is actually a decent show. Sure, it was slanted for kids, but it doesn’t go cringe actually. I enjoyed it so far. I am also very surprised I say this, but I enjoyed Strange New Worlds. Even the episode with the “inclusive” character wasn’t bad. I mean, supposedly the pilot Erica is gay, but you would never know it. They don’t shove it in your face on this show like that have in Discovery.

        This brings us to Picard. WOW what a bad show. The first season was bad, the flowers in space bullcrap, but season two is out of this world horrible. It is unreal how bad it is. The episode where it went all woke feminist, I actually shut it off and had to come back another day. It was just sooo bad. I have never shut a show like that off before, so that is saying something.

        The problem with Trek now is partly because of Alex Kurtzman. The guy is an idiot imo. Roddenberry is rolling in his grave. Kurtzman and his lackies care more about pushing a singular leftists agenda than making a great escapism sci-fi show for all. Yes, Star Trek has always been “progressive”, but it never relied on pushing that narrative in it’s story. It still stood without it. It is an “argument” people continually have about newer Trek. “It was always progressive, you are just a biggot”. Blah blah. Yes, it was always progressive and inclusive, but not the way it is done now. Episodes that had any progressiveness were made in a way to make you think, not promote one side or the other. (much in the way Orville has done, and why it is such a great show) This is not how Trek is done now. It scolds you and shoves it in your face. Discovery being the main one doing this the worst.

        The people making new Trek are blinded by ideology. Utterly absorbed fully in it like the bog of eternal stench, because they stink of agenda. They can’t do what most good writers and creators do: step outside your own personal belief’s and make a good story. Leave your ideology at the door. Recently Shatner spoke up about how bad new Trek is, and I agree with him.

        In closing. The Orville is the real new Star Trek. I absolutely loved it. Fantastic show. Had me giddy and teary eyed sometimes. The writing and characters could not have been done any better. It is sad it is done. I find it quite funny that a show that started out as a parody of Star Trek, ended up being 10 times better than Star Trek is now.

        Live Long and Prosper.



        In reply to: The Orville




          Agreed on all points.  I know The Orville does it like Star Trek did and I do appreciate that.  But where Star Trek was not anti-religion (nor was it pro) The Orville is staunchly anti-religion.  That bugs me but I still watch it and enjoy it.  I just skip certain episodes.


          In reply to: The Orville


            @Vknid : That was my point about this being Star Trek. Star Trek used to always do “lefty” things, but in thought provoking and thoughtful ways. TNG did it the most frankly, but it was never blasting you in the face with it. This is the same way The Orville does it. I have no problem with it done that way, it’s done tastefully.

            It is the way the NEW Star Trek does it that puts me off. It forsakes good story instead for identity politics. It utterly shoves the blatant agendas in your face, and then proceeds to make you nauseous from it. Some episodes of Discovery literally made me cringe they were so bad with it.

            As far as G&G/Nerdrotic’s continual complaining/negativity. Yes, they are a business, but there is business in having some positivity. They really could use some more of it than they do imo.


            In reply to: The Orville



              I agree with that summation.  But you have to keep in mind G&G is a business on one or more levels.  And negativity gets the rage clicks whereas positivity does not.  I am not bashing anyone or anything just stating that is how that stuff works.  It’s no different than the news in that respect.  My point is, it’s to be expected.

              Also, I do like “The Orville” as well.  Most of the time anyway.  They do some of the lefty stuff from time to time ,normally in a thought provoking way to their credit, and I don’t mind that.  The only thing I dislike is the mocking of any worship beyond the self.  That I do not care for.


              In reply to: The Orville

              As much as I love nerdrotic and g&g, these guys complain about all the bad stuff but never review great shows like the Orville.  I think it would go a long way to start showing the positives that ppl are doing, instead of the hate chicks.  Just a thought



                Good points for sure.  I never liked Voyager.  I did not hate it, just did not care for it.  Enterprise is pretty good, it’s a different take but I was into it.  ALL of the new stuff is hot garbage.  I refuse to look at any of it.

                Here is my ordered list:

                1) TNG

                2) DS9/TOS

                3) Enterprise

                Anything else I don’t care for.  And I do like The Orville most of the time.  Sometimes I do not.


                  You have to admire Roddenberry for thinking totally out of the box and for having a positive view of the future while doing so.

                  I found it interesting he grew up Catholic and was just non-practicing as far as I know.  You can see in Star Trek he keeps those same values but does so without religion for the most part.  Now I disagree with splitting those 2 up since I am Catholic myself but I still very much appreciate his vision and I can see where he was going with it.

                  The Orville does a little of that too but while Roddenberry made Star Trek non-religious, McFarland is clearly anti-religion.


                    Obviously there have been many Star Trek shows.  The original despite it’s bad effects was great. In the 60’s that’s was MEGA cutting edge.

                    That aside I think the best Trek series of all time is TNG followed by DS9.

                    Voyager is OK but I never cared for it (maybe I should try it again) and Enterprise was a departure from the usual but that one I thought was OK.

                    Now the stuff done today like Picard and Discovery I refuse to look at.  It’s not Trek, it’s not canon and it’s hot garbage meant to destroy what came before it.

                    I do like “The Orville” although I dislike their obvious woke slant that pokes it’s head out occasionally.  But even when it does it’s normally in the context of a story so it’s typically tolerable.


                    No one will blame Raimi for this film; the entire story was all Disney’s work.  He was brought in after Derrickson left, had scripts scrapped and revised, and mandated to meet a release date.  On top of that, the success of No Way Home necessitated an entire section of mindless cameos.  To be honest, it’s shocking the film turned out as well as it did.

                    Part of me wishes that America Chavez was written as a reverse-Moclan from The Orville with no knowledge of what an opposite sex even is, although that idea strays too close to Wonder Woman in a lot of places.


                    Topic: The Expanse 06

                    in forum Television

                    Probably one of the best things besides the Orville to come out recently in Sci-Fi, the expanse was such a powerful and rich story telling experience. I personally am deeply saddened by how we as fans of this show were cheated so harshly. Amazon wanting to rap it up as fast as possible not caring about it at all to start there lord of the rangs show that they actually thought was going to make them bank?

                    The ship that was building itself above the colonist planet, the alien creatures that were somehow connected to the alien spore, the insane doctors project that was mentioned like twice but never went into, Marko pulling a night king and killing himself by attacking head on a enemy he knew was dangerous, the ending was a little bit to be desired… To me such a shame.

                    The thing that confuses me is how can these hollywierd nut jobs not realize that the whole woke thing is generally rejected by over 70 percent of the audience if not more in some cases and that this entire thing is a complete waste of time.

                    At least we have Cobra Kai still, right?    I hope……..

                    – Belmont.


                    I think I’m at the right place, it’s just that what was once normal, now feels a bit underground-ish. You have too look for it in order to find it.

                    You type in “top sci fi tv shows” into google and all you find is this new woke sh*t. It’s like older tv shows never existed.

                    A few years back I’ve started making a list of TV show’s that I’ve watched and liked. I’ve forgotten some, but here’s my list:


                    Breaking Bad

                    Criminal Minds





                    The Mentalist

                    Game of Thrones



                    House MD

                    Kevin Probably Saves the World


                    Pure Genius

                    Rick and Morty

                    South Park

                    The Last Man on Earth


                    Black Summer





                    Some of the Star Trek shows

                    First 2 Stargate shows

                    Stranger Things

                    Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicle

                    Terra Nova

                    The 100

                    The X-Files

                    The Orville










                    Kyle XY

                    Sense 8



                    All of us are dead

                    Sweet Home

                    Midnight Mass

                    The River

                    Squid Game

                    The Big Bang Theory

                    How I met your Mother


                    That 70s Show

                    The fresh Prince of Bel-air

                    Also there are some anime’s worth watching if you run out of stuff to watch like:

                    Death Note


                    Samurai Champloo

                    Made in Abyss


                    Parasyte the Maxim

                    Tokyo Ghoul

                    Steins Gate

                    Attack on Titan




                    Supernatural after season 5 aint so good, but at the end it did have some good seasons. I just watched for Sam and Dean, because actors have such good chemistry and just fun to watch.

                    Westworld goes full woke after season 1.

                    Gotham… Just watch Batman the Animated series.

                    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled and ended on cliffhanger. So beware of that.

                    In Jessica Jones only David Tenant was good. There is not really a point to watch it cuz overall marvels netflix was cancelled. Daredevil was only good series from those.


                    I would recommend watching Dark (german netflix show). Have you seen Buffy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica, Cobra Kai, Orville? I also hear that Banshee, Shield and Venture Bros are good, so those are on my list.

                    Also Haven, Continuum, Grimm are kinda good. I watched them a long time ago, I remember they had a lot of problems, but overall were fun.


                    For many of us, Star Wars was the most significant movie of our lives. However, we have collectively let our nostalgia get in the way of reality.
                    Let’s face it. Star Wars was an almost mess of a movie that was saved in editing to become a classic. The Empire Strikes Back was one of the few cases where a sequel was better than the original.

                    It was downhill from there.

                    The Return of the Jedi was a lame rehashing of the Star Wars. This time the movie was designed sell Ewok toys.

                    But we kept going back hoping that eventually the Star Wars sage would rekindle the flame of the original.

                    But it never did.

                    Next came the prequels what were total stinkers. There was in incomprehensive story line, completely with a rip off from Ben Hur. There was the woeful miscasting of Anakin in the first prequel. And the horrible acting of Natalie Portman and Hayden Christianson. Add in horrible scripts that included the line “That does not compute” and the inane placing of C-3PO’s head on top of another ‘droid. And, did I mention Jar Jar Binks?

                    As dreadful as these three films were, we still forked over out money. Maybe we’d see “the one.”

                    LucusFilm’s other success was Indiana Jones. But that was even in a worse of a mess with the Crystal Skull, a movie I wish there were an amnesia drug I could take to erase any trace of having seen it. I still try to believe that there were only three Indiana Jones movies and The Crystal Skull was just a nightmare.

                    Everything else at LucusFilm had been a series of disasters. Howard the Duck. Willow. Red Tails. Radioland.

                    I doubt it is a coincidence that the only good Star Wars movies were made when George had someone else having great control him. Once he had complete control, Star Wars went to the dogs. Watching the behind the scenes videos for the prequels make is clear that the number one job requirement at LucasFilm during that era was to lick George’s ass. If George makes a stupid joke, everyone has to laugh like it was delivered by Jack Benny. If George decides to rip off Ben Hur, everyone has to pretend it was George’s brilliant idea.

                    By the time Disney bought LucasFilm, it was a toy and special effects company going nowhere.

                    At this point, if Disney had a CEO who could actually manage a company, it would have hired a group of the best sci-fi writers it could find. They would have staked out a plot thread on a Lord of the Rings scale spread out over at least three movies.

                    OK, George, said he had done that—but he was full of it. The inconsistencies in the first three movies and the inane plots of the three prequels belie any of his claims of having a massive epic planned out up front. Quite frankly, I was encouraged when I read Disney had thrown out George’s plot lines for Star Wars.

                    But Disney has a Bull Chip Shooter for a CEO. He’s a guy like Jack Welsh who puts on a show for the press and brings in short term profits while leaving long-term mess behind for his successor.

                    For its first Star Wars movie—and with no plan, Disney brings in a hip auteur director who creates a rehash of the third Star Wars movie that was a rehash of the first Star Wars movie. It was just a mindless shoot-em-up that that was like Marvel in Space. Except for the music, there was nothing that made this feel like this was a star wars movie. The same director wrecked Star Trek by turning it into Marvel as well.

                    For the second Star Wars movie, Disney brings in a second auteur director who creates a total mess. If the previous movie was setting up anything, the one undid everything. Nothing made sense in this garbage. From the beginning there was the inane dialog between the good guy and the bad guy. Then dropping bombs in space. And the main plot has the good guys—I mean dolls—running with the bad guys nipping at their heals. Meanwhile some of the good guys are able to fly to a distant planet and come back. Yet the bad guys can’t make it to the good dolls.

                    The theme of this lame excuse for movie is “men are stupid and everything will work out all right if they would just blindly obey women.” In itself, that is not entirely bad. That is the plot of every Blondie movie made. The problem is Disney pushed that theme but had nothing to go with it.

                    If you are going to take the risky road to denigrate Luke Skywalker, you need to have an innovative and viable plan to succeed him. Again, that requires competence which Disney obviously lacks. Disney suffers from both terminal wokeness (note A Wrinkle in Time) and incompetence.
                    * * *
                    Contrary to the claims of many out there in Youtube Land, Disney did not kill Star Wars. Kathleen Kennedy did not kill Star War. Star Wars was dead when Disney bought it.

                    Yet, private equity companies buy up dead institutions all the time and work to bring them back to life. The trick to buying companies is to get the ones with problems (so you can get a low prices) then have a plan for turning the company around.

                    But was passes for management at Disney is incompetent. They bought the corpse of LucasFilm but had no plan to revive it. Disney’s Emergency! room needed a Dr. Bracket for Star Wars. Instead they brought in a mortician: Kathleen Kennedy.

                    Disney’s apparent “plan” to breed Star Wars TV shows will never restore life to LucasFilm. Star Trek and CSI have shown there are limits to how much you can saturate a market.

                    Sadly, life is not fair.  The buffoon at the top of Disney will continue to collect his $30,000,000+ salary until he leaves and be lauded by the access media as a genius while the next Disney CEO will have to deal with mess.

                    * * *

                    Star Wars is dead. After Ewoks, three inane prequels, and two incompetent Disney productions, it is over for me. I did not see that last one. I did not see Solo. I am not subscribing to Disney+. And a Willow series? Come on man.

                    Star Trek is dead.
                    Doctor Who is dead.

                    Instead of encouraging the rehashing of old material, we should encourage new things like The Orville or The Expanse.

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