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Zack Snyder Debuts Superman Clip at Justice Con

We finally have a look at Superman in his black suit. Midway through Zack Snyder’s panel at Justice Con – an online convention put together by fans to celebrate the Snyder Cut of Justice League – the filmmaker showed off a second clip from his long-awaited cut of the film, in which we get our ...

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REVIEW: Pennyworth – Season 1, Episode 7 “Julie Christie”

After Alfred’s revelation and Martha’s predicament at the end of “Cilla Black,” I couldn’t wait to see what Alfred and Co. would do next, despite the lackluster episode. According to the synopsis for “Julie Christie,” it looks like all our heroes are going to be very bu...

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REVIEW: Pennyworth: Season 1, Episode 6, “Cilla Black”

After last week’s time jump, I was curious to see what would come next for Pennyworth, particularly with regard to what antics Martha would get up to at the behest of the No Name League. “Cilla Black” opens with Lord Harwood, who is increasingly coming back to himself, seeing the prim...

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REVIEW: Pennyworth – Season 1, Episode 5, “Shirley Bassey”

Last week on Pennyworth, Alfred and Martha grew closer and found the name of the leader of the Raven Society, who nearly killed our heroes. When I found out Ripper was going to be involved in “Shirley Bassey,” I couldn’t wait to see what he could do, as he is one of the most unpredicta...

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REVIEW: Pennyworth – Season 1, Episode 4, “Lady Penelope”

After last week’s first adventure with Martha, I was excited to see what would come next on Pennyworth, especially since the upcoming synopsis suggested we would be having more Alfred and Martha action, as has been previously hinted. “Lady Penelope” opens with a couple exiting a theate...

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REVIEW: Pennyworth – Season 1, Episodes 1-3, “Pilot” “The Landlord’s Daughter,” and “Martha Kane”

Pennyworth has been an exciting prospect for any DC fan. Aside from delineating the origins of the Dark Knight’s most trusted ally, we get to see an aspect of the DC universe that is seldom given the spotlight: the period drama. When Epix released the first three episodes OnDemand, I couldn’...

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