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Trans Doctor Who Actress Says Her Casting “Will Change the World”

The spiritual successor to 2021’s Eternals is hitting small screens and Disney+ in the fall of next year with the “world-changing” performance of Yasmin Finney in Doctor Who. Once again, performances and writing will be of low quality; only the diversity included in the project m...

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First Look at Ncuti Gatwa’s New Doctor Revealed

The era of Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall on Doctor Who has come to an end, its emaciated corpse ripped from their grasp and returned to Russell T. Davies. While most fans do not believe that this will provide much improvement, at least Chibnall can no longer desecrate the show. It seems that ev...

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REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Power of The Doctor

The end has come; the witch is dead. The most divisive and destructive era in Doctor Who ends with “The Power of The Doctor.” This episode is still as poorly written as this era’s norm, but it also does its best to leave a mark on the fans, digging in further and destroying as muc...

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Doctor Who Trailer Teases Karen’s Death

The atrocity known as the Jodie Whittaker-Chris Chibnall era of Doctor Who is nearing its end; Doctor Karen’s final battle and death are imminent. In a recent release from the BBC, a new trailer, poster, and air date for the upcoming “Power of The Doctor” regeneration special we...

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Doctor Who: Chibnall’s Final Episode Has a Name

The final days of the king of the desolation that is Doctor Who, Chris Chibnall, are rapidly approaching. The last episode of the first female Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, who we’ll lovingly call Doctor Karen, is mere weeks away. Chibnall will soon give up his crown and hand the wasteland he...

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Doctor Who: The Death of Doctor Karen is Coming Soon

No longer do Doctor Who fans rally around in anticipation to witness The Doctor overcoming insurmountable odds to defeat fearsome foes. Nor do they revel in the bittersweet farewells to their most beloved Doctors, partially rebuffing whoever comes to replace the most recent fan favorite. Now, the on...

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