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Dexter Prequels and Spinoffs are Coming

Hollywood will never meet a dead horse it refuses to beat. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Showtime is going to turn Dexter into a “universe,” with two prequels, a spin-off, and God knows what else in the works. (It’s doing the same for Billions, but I’ve never seen that, so go for i...

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REVIEW: Dexter: New Blood

Dexter: New Blood is Showtime’s attempt to bring back their acclaimed show, resolve the open ending, and fix the many issues fans had with the original finale. This sequel show was received with lackluster ratings and middling views, as reported by TV Series Finale and other sources. The original ...

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Dexter Teaser Comes in From the Cold

Showtime sees sheets of plastic in our future, as the premium network has released a teaser for the Dexter revival. Based on the novels by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter centered on Michael C. Hall’s Dexter Morgan, a Miami PD blood spatter expert who moonlighted as a serial killer who made other killers his...

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Clancy Brown Will be the Villain in the Dexter Revival

Dexter Morgan will be facing a worthy adversary when he returns to television. TV Line reports that Clancy Brown will be playing the villain in the revival of the hit Showtime series Dexter. I’d assumed his character, Kurt Caldwell, would be a serial killer who targets lumberjacks, but apparently,...

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Dexter to Return on Showtime

Now’s the time to buy stock in plastic. Deadline reports that Showtime is bringing back its hit show Dexter as a limited series. Based on Jeff Lindsay’s novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter (and diverging from the sequels), Dexter starred Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, a forensics expert for the Miam...

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Awesome Cheese: Gamer (2009)

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are directors I’ve followed for a long time, ever since their work on Crank and its sequel. Many pundits considered those films to be the closest thing to a decent video game movie that we would ever get. It makes sense, then, that Neveldine and Taylor would tak...

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