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REVIEW: The Beekeeper (2024)

I’m not going to pretend The Beekeeper is a great movie, because it isn’t. It’s got less character work than your standard Allstate commercial, the acting – outside of a couple of performances – is just below mediocre, the narrative is thin as a shoestring, and the admittedly interesting ...

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The Beekeeper Trailer is Classic Statham

2024 is starting off the right way, with what looks like a hard-hitting Jason Statham action movie, as today, MGM released a trailer for The Beekeeper. Statham stars as a mysterious loner named Mr. Clay, whose kindly old neighbor commits suicide after falling for a phishing scam that cleans out her ...

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REVIEW: Soul (2020)

Going into this year, Pixar‘s Soul was one of my most anticipated movies. The trailers didn’t make much of an impression on me, but when it comes to Disney and Pixar, I don’t go by the trailers, which are often intentionally misleading. I learned that from Tangled’s abysmal marketing cam...

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REVIEW: Jingle Jangle (2020)

Every year at Christmas time, I try to find a good balance between my usual catalog of holiday favorites and new movies. However, everything has been different in 2020. I was hoping for some sense of a return to normalcy as my favorite holiday neared, but I think we can mostly agree that hasn’...

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Soul Gets New Trailer in Wake of Disney+ Announcement

Disney released a surprise third trailer for Pixar’s Soul early Thursday morning. This comes only days after the film was announced as a Disney+ release for Christmas Day. The trailer displays some more dialogue and visuals, but overall exists more so to reiterate that Disney+ subscribers will hav...

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