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New Sci-Fi IP Dawn of the Paladin in the Works

It looks like a new major sci-fi franchise is in the works. Deadline reports that concept-art-focused Triton City Entertainment has taken Dawn of the Paladin out to Hollywood. The prospective four-film franchise centers on a group of peacekeepers paid to protect a small three planet colony. While no...

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REVIEW: The Clone Wars – Season 7, Episode 6, “Deal No Deal”

*SPOILERS* “Deal No Deal” begins with Trace and Ahsoka working on Trace’s starship, which she names The Silver Angel. Raffa comes in and asks Trace to be her pilot for an important mission, and Trace and Ahsoka reluctantly agree. The three take off and are soon hailed by Admiral Yularen, but A...

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REVIEW: Westworld – Season 3, Episode 2 “The Winter Line”

*Spoilers* In “The Winter Line,” Maeve finds herself in the WWII-themed War World. Later, as the park’s techs work on her, she finds Lee Sizemore, who informs her that War World is adjacent to the world her daughter is in. However, a few clues indicate to Maeve that the reality she is experien...

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Frank Grillo Joins Cosmic Sin

Frank Grillo is going from fighting the Sentinel of Liberty to Aliens. Deadline reports that Grillo joins the likes of Luke Wilson, Reign’s Adelaide Kane, and previously announced star Bruce Willis in the upcoming sci-fi feature Cosmic Sin. The pic, which the trade mentions was in post-production ...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 15 “The Exorcism of Nash Wells”

“The Exorcism of Nash Wells” confirms the fears with which “Death of the Speed Force” left me. We’re in for another round of Barry discovering that his heart/mind/spirit/lactose intolerance is his real superpower, or however they want to frame it. If we must go through this again, though, ...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 14 “Death of the Speed Force”

The Flash took a week-long break after the excellent “Grodd Friended Me,” and returns with “Death of the Speed Force,” a muddled, middling effort that serves mostly to make clear just how many balls this season has in the air. Some familiar faces return, as does a familiar superhero trope th...

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