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REVIEW: Big Hero 6: The Series – Season 1, Episode 17 “Mini-Max”

“I don’t have internal organs!” *Spoilers* In “Mini-Max,” Fred is left to battle Globby alone as his friends are all in class. However, Fred destroys public property and creates a huge mess in his attempts to stop Globby, who still ultimately gets away. Hiro develops a small bot to keep an...

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Dominic Monaghan Cast in Star Wars: Episode IX

One of the Oceanic 815 survivors has made it off the island and into a galaxy far, far away, as Deadline reports that Lost alumnus Dominic Monaghan has been added to the cast of Star Wars: Episode IX. He joins fellow former J.J. Abrams collaborator Keri Russell (Felicity, Mission: Impossible III) in...

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REVIEW: Big Hero 6: The Series – Season 1, Episode 16 “Fan Friction”

“Does my club sound fun?” “I’m in.” *Spoilers* In “Fan Friction,” Karmi writes a story about the heroes in which Hiro is her boyfriend and the team have names like Chop-Chop and Tall Girl. She posts it on a fan fiction site, where Fred finds it, reading it to a horrified Hiro. ...

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Friday Flash Facts: Bart Allen

Born to Don Allen, one of the Tornado Twins, and his wife Meloni, daughter of President Thawne, in the 30th Century, Bart Allen is the grandson of Barry Allen and is the second Kid Flash and (albeit for a very brief run) the fourth Flash. Bart Allen has also served on more teams than most … <...

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Pine and Hemsworth May Exit Star Trek 4

Fandom’s phasers have been set to stunned as news has broken of Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth exiting negotiations for the next Star Trek movie, tentatively titled Star Trek 4. According to the Hollywood Reporter exclusive, Star Trek production companies Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media are ...

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REVIEW: Big Hero 6: The Series – Season 1, Episode 15 “Rivalry Weak”

“This is a whole new side of Granville. A very disturbing side.” *Spoilers* “Rivalry Weak” takes place during Rivalry Week, an annual spirit week of sorts when SFIT and the local art college, SFAI, prank one another. The heroes plan on stealing a statue of Lenore Shimamoto from the art schoo...

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