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Ian McKellen Defends Helen Mirren | “We’re Acting. We’re Pretending.”

We live in an era in which actors are increasingly not allowed to pretend for a living, despite that being their very job. The last few years have seen many controversies regarding the casting of certain roles where the actors in question do not fit the belief or sexual orientation of their characte...

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“That Star Wars Girl” Thrown Into Twitter Jail

Today’s internet cancel culture has run roughshod through all forms of media and business. From #MeToo to any number of other allegations and Oppression Olympics movements, authoritarian keyboard warriors masquerading as white knights take every opportunity to spread their infection everywhere the...

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Alterna Comics’ Owner Peter Simeti Swatted on a Livestream

The so-called “cultural war” on the internet is getting worse, and extremely dangerous. On February 13, Peter Simeti was livestreaming about comics at the 1st Print Comics channel. Suddenly, mid-broadcast, he was held at gunpoint by a SWAT team. According to Peter’s Twitter, someo...

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Corporatism vs. Nerdom: Repeating Industry-Killing Mistakes

Mainstream entertainment companies are really working hard to take the “entertainment” out of the entertainment industry. Marvel, EA, Lucasfilm, Blizzard, Bethesda, Wizards of the Coast – to name a few – are run by executives who only understand the business aspect of the ecosyste...

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A Suicide Bomber Sits in the Library Graphic Novel Censored Through Twitter SJW Activism, CBLDF Stays Quiet

Abrams canceled the publication of a graphic novel on its ComicsArts list, A Suicide Bomber Sits in the Library by Jack Gantos (author of Rotten Ralph) and Dave McKean (illustrator better known for his Sandman covers) after the backlash it received from SJWs on Twitter because of its subject matter;...

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