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Paramount+ is Remaking Every Movie Ever Made as TV Shows

Paramount+ is quickly establishing itself as the place to go for anyone who thinks there’s too much original content nowadays. Fatal Attraction, the 1987 erotic thriller starring Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer, is just one of the many movies the streaming service is turning into a s...

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Adi Shankar Spilled Details on His Devil May Cry Series

Castlevania producer Adi Shankar recently shared details of his upcoming Devil May Cry Netflix series in an interview with IGN Japan. Among other things, Shankar divulged that the first season will include eight episodes, with more seasons planned to follow. Shankar also remarked, “The season ...

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Stranger Things Releases “Welcome to California” Clip Ahead of Season 4

November 6th is apparently some kind of official Stranger Things holiday over at Netflix, so they released another season 4 teaser. The clip is titled “Welcome to California” and shows Eleven’s struggle to acclimate to her new home. The kids at school bully her relentlessly, and she only loo...

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Colin Kaepernick Compares the NFL Draft Combine to Slavery

Colin Kaepernick is either the dumbest or the savviest man in the business; at this point, it must be the latter more than it is the former. No one in their right mind could honestly make a comparison this absurd without knowing the backlash would be so severe. In a clip from the Netflix series &hel...

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Report: Netflix Purposefully Made Cuties Poster More Provocative

According to Decider, Netflix made a concerted effort to make the promotional material for 2020’s Cuties – yes, that Cuties – more provocative, despite employees’ discomfort with the pseudo-pedophilia. One year after the united (mostly united) distaste for the film’s borderline-pedophilic ...

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History of the World Part II Coming to Hulu

Mel Brooks is about to find out how hard it is out there for a stand-up philosopher nowadays. Variety exclusively reports that Hulu has ordered a variety series called History of the World Part II, which will act as a sequel to Brooks’ 1981 classic History of the World Part I. Fans will remember t...

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