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Disney+’s Percy Jackson Casts Zeus and Neptune

Because race-swapping Annabeth Chase and Hermes and other characters wasn’t enough, Disney+’s new show Percy Jackson will feature more race-swapping than you can imagine! Variety has announced that Lance Reddick has been cast as Zeus, whilst Toby Stephens will star as the God of the Sea,...

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Percy Jackson Author: “You’re Racist!”

Round two begins! Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan has come forward after the praising and backlash of “blackwashing” main female character Annabeth Chase for the new Disney+ exclusive live-action Percy Jackson show. Let’s break down his statement from his own website. Starting off with the o...

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Good Omens Season 2 Update

The long-awaited return of Good Omens may be further than fans of the series had first supposed and hoped. Rumors have abounded regarding season 2 since the popular show first began three years ago. The ethereal nature and long-felt uncertainty of the show returning despite the near-universal popula...

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Percy Jackson: The Racism’s Curse

Growing up, the novels in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan were my second favorite books to read, after Harry Potter. I was introduced to them by friends in school, and I just couldn’t wait to start reading them so I could join in on the discussion! I remember finishing the original series...

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New Star Wars Show

Bespin Bulletin is reporting that there is a new Star Wars show, and it is already in pre-production. Speculation is that the show will be announced sometime in May, either for “May Fourth” or for Celebration at the end of the month. The show is set during the High Republic era, a new er...

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REVIEW: Vikings: Valhalla – Season 1

Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla, the sequel to the History Channel’s Vikings, was released this weekend. Despite some rampant issues and wokism, many fans of the franchise did enjoy this new show. Vikings: Valhalla is very much a Netflix show, with race and gender swaps along with “subverting” g...

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