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IGN Says Resident Evil 5 is Racist

Ever read a headline people are freaking out about and think it’s an overreaction till you actually read the article? Yesterday, IGN published a piece titled “The Resident Evil Game That Can’t Be Remade.” For its first few paragraphs, it’s just your run-of-the-mill opinion piece about why ...

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The Last of Us Season 2 Casts Abby

The bane of many gamers’ existence is leaping to live-action. Earlier today, it was announced that Kaitlyn Dever will join the cast of HBO’s video game adaptation The Last of Us for its second season. Dever will play Abby, a pivotal character from The Last of Us Part II who is described as “...

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Ms. Marvel will be the Lead of Marvel Zombies

Marvel doesn’t care if you’re tired of Kamala Khan. In an interview with The Direct, Ms. Marvel actress Iman Vellani talked about the upcoming Disney+ animated series Marvel Zombies, and she revealed that Kamala will be the lead. “There are a lot of cool characters in the Marvel Zombies show. ...

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Star Wars News: Zombies in Ahsoka, Bad Batch White-Washed?

As always with Star Wars, rumors are swirling around Ahsoka. The latest tidbit from makingstarwars.net involves Thrawn having undead Stormtroopers at his disposal. A more concrete update comes from Collider: in an interview, Bad Batch director Maggie Lovitt confirmed that Lucasfilm took official ...

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D23 Updates: Disney-Branded Television Edition

Another D23 panel took place yesterday, this one focused on Disney’s various TV projects. The event was hosted by Raven Symoné (That’s So Raven and Raven’s Home) and Lilly Singh (Liv from Dollface.) Check out a statement from President of Disney-Branded Television Ayo Davis here: ...

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Fathom Events Screening Three Horror Classics This October

People will want to spend this Halloween season at the movies. Fathom Events is celebrating a few spooky cinematic milestones by screening a trio of horror classics during October. First up is Sam Raimi’s mega-low-budget ghost-zombie-demon chiller The Evil Dead on October 7 for its 40th anniversar...

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