The Witcher Seasons 4 and 5 Begin Pre-Production

As reported by Redanian Intelligence, Netflix’s The Witcher has begun writing seasons 4 and 5 concurrently a mere month after filming wrapped for season 3. It was rumored last month that seasons 4 and 5 would be filmed back-to-back for closer release dates, and that seems to be confirmed by this report. The writing is still in the very early stages and will likely continue through much of 2023. If tradition holds strong, filming for these two seasons will not begin until season 3 is released next year. Many theories could explain this rapid acceleration in The Witcher’s production schedule. Perhaps Netflix took into consideration the criticism of fans regarding the astronomical space between seasons. Inversely, there is a possibility that they are trying to rush out this product as quickly as possible after the mixed, at best, response to season 2. Either of these explanations is just as plausible as the other. However, a third explanation could simply be that Netflix wishes to capitalize on the popularity of this show by investing more money in a rapid release schedule.

Witcher seasons 4-5

As much as hardcore Witcher fans would wish that this change was a response to their criticism of season 2, the third option is perhaps the most likely. We cannot count on seasons 3 through 5 to be any sort of improvement, considering the current state of Hollywood. Additionally, with the entire throwing out of Blood of Elves, it’s virtually impossible for subsequent seasons to accurately adapt Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire, or Tower of the Swallow with all their set-up cast aside. A course correction towards novel accuracy based on criticism cannot be expected. The show must continue down the path that it has set for itself, lying in the bed it made. Regardless of Netflix’s motivation for this acceleration, the effect will be a quicker desecration of this franchise and a sooner relief from this bastardization. Avid Witcher fans should take this announcement as a positive, as it means it will end sooner.

With The Witcher prequel, Blood Origin, mere months away, and season 3 on the near horizon, this acceleration means that the next few years will be flush with Witcher content. There may be a new season of Witcher content every year. Hopefully, Netflix can handle this high workload without decreasing the already horrific quality.

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