Subbed or Dubbed?


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      I will say this. Only watch Angel Cop is sub…


      Mwahahaha >_<


      Agree 1000%!

      The original dub voices were a better fit than what Funimation ended up going with. Hell, whenever you think of the “9,000” line, you think of the original dub voice of Vegeta saying it.

      With that said, I’m also with the subtitles. And anyone who bashes Goku/Gohan/Goten because they sound female, clearly don’t realize that Krillin and Monkey D Luffy from One Piece ALSO has the same voice actress!!


      These days I’m more of a subs guy than dub. Some reasons factor into that, such as the boycott of Funimation.

      There are some great english dubs out there, though. Cowboy Bebop, for example.


      Mainly has to do with lip sync. Since anime characters’ mouths, for the most part, move exactly the same no matter what they say, I can reasonably imagine that they’re actually speaking the dubbed words.

      With live action, it’s clear that what the dubbed voice actor is saying is not what the actor on screen is saying, and it takes me out of the narrative. So, in that case, I’d rather just read subtitles.


      Usually subbed but sometimes dubbed is good.


      subbed definitely.

      Besides being purist, I’ve seen enough English dubbed shit where they screw up the intended meanings.



      dubbed is better for a million common sense reasons, all sub watchers have to say is “bu…but i like the japanese voices”-soy boy voice if you watch sub ans theres a dub out theres something wrong with you…seek professional help.


        You do know that a lot of american anime VA’s are TDS ridden SJWs who hate Vic Mignona, right?


        That makes sense.

        I remember how everybody used to make fun of the old dubbed Godzilla movies.  Classic.


        On that note, it kinda depends on how well the English actor fits to the character.  And whether or not the actor is overused or not.  What I mean there, is that there are some US actors that have just entirely too many parts.  I hear their voice, and I think of another character.  Or I hear their voice and I think of Several other characters.

        Whereas, with Japanese… there is very little of it that I actually understand.  So I’m not paying as much attention to it and I don’t recognize the voices.

        Tho yeah.  Not having to read it, I definitely pick up a lot more of what is going on with the show itself.


          My whole thing about dub vs sub is that I can watch either one if I find the voices coming from the characters to be believeable. For example I can watch Naruto in either language and be totally invested but I can’t watch Dragon Ball Z or Super in Japanese… as amazing a performer Masako Nozawa is… if I were to close my eyes and Goku got angry… then it sounds to me like KID Goku from Dragon Ball got angry. I just can’t buy into the whole ‘I totally went through puberty but my voice didn’t’ thing.

          Yu Yu Hakusho is great either way and yeah… as long as I can believe the voices I don’t really care if anime is dubbed or subbed.


          ok i got a few questions here for you, who the fuck is vic mignona? and what the fuck does TDS mean? i dont know what VA means either


          dubed is for people with commons sense, subed is for weirdos


          I can’t listen to dubs in anime or video games. Most of the time the dub quality is subpar compared to native VAs. And the jarring lipsynchs piss my OCDs off the walls.


            VA= Voice Actor

            TDS= Trump Derangement Syndrome

            Vic Mignogna is an english voice actor since 1999, his last role was Broly in the Dragonball Super movie, he got MeToo’d by the current english voice actress of Bulma and some other thots.

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