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      A chance for you guys to submit your short stories

      Young Dragons


      Too bad I only have the “write novel length” setting, heh.


        A bit of  a problem lol. I found writing shorts between longer novels to be a nice change of pace.


        I tried once, for one of my sci-fi IPs….25k words later we were beyond short story. 21k for the next part.


          I can see that. The short stories write are usually more like the first chapter of a longer narrative. Actually writing something short that had a definitive ending is tough.


          I finished the first draft of my debut Epic Fantasy novel this past November.  I am currently going though a “beta-reader” stage before I do the second draft.  Already have books 2 and 3 of the trilogy plotted out (more or less).

          My main value proposition is having really involved fight scenes.  Fencing/swordfighting/Dueling is like a game a chess, planning out your strategy, move… counter-move etc.  I feel you need to see that.  On top of that they are great opportunities to show a character’s personality through their fighting style.

          I am still looking for a couple more beta-readers.  So if anyone is interested let me know.

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          If there are enough authors on this site… i think its a great idea to set up a critique community.


          I write really involved fight scenes as well.  But yeah too much detail can be a barrier to the reader that isn’t a martial artist or someone trained in fencing or HEMA.  My style involves more the overall strategy in the character’s head.. using that to convey their character (do they use brute force… flow around their opponent… stay on the defensive until the force an opening… and why do they fight like that?)

          What I used as a starting point was to pretend I was giving a WWF/WWE (sorry World Wildlife Fund… wrestling is still The WWF) style commentary while i watched the fight in my head.  Then added the opponent’s internal monologue.

          Also as @Timoburnham says below, having the stakes or motivations behind a fight makes it much more interesting.


            Sounds interesting. I’d take a look at it but, at the moment I’m pretty busy. Don’t want to promise feedback when I can’t deliver.


            As one who supports a good detailed fight scene, there is a fine line giving the blow by blow.


            Just remember the old saying: Show don’t tell.


            Took me years to fully comprehend it and apply it successfully. It’s great to tell the reader what is going on in a duel, but it’s better to tell with the show, if you understand my meaning. Find a way to present your battle details without droning on about parries and reposts and blade flips. I was a fencer, so I understand the pull to do it.



            No worries.  After this round of readers and a round of re-writes I will need a second round.  Perhaps you can help then.  :)


            Yeah I get it.  There is also a spectrum of reader expectations when you do fights.  Some want it very detailed… some don’t give a #$%$ (one beta-reader told me that she just skips over fight scenes because she thinks they are all the same.. wth) and all points in between.  In some ways sword-fights are easier to write than hand to hand.  When I wrote a hand to hand scene I had to stop myself from saying “german suplex”, “jiujitsu guard position”, “north/south” vs. “east west” etc.  Most readers won’t have a clue what a “Rock bottom” (plus you don’t want Vince to sue) so you have to describe the actual move


            As a avid reader/writer I’d be happy to be a beta reader. I currently have 1 book published, and working on Part II.


            That would be great.  What would be the best way to send files to you?


            I’m an amateur writer too. Been self-publishing my own webcomic for over a decade, plus have been first reader for several of my writer friends. I’m told I’m decent at it, but never had the discipline to write daily until just recently. I’ve been getting into the habit of writing 1000+ words a day, which can be hard with a full-time job, but it’s enjoyable.


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