Daily Wire Releases Trailer for Trans Sports Comedy Lady Ballers

The Daily Wire is branching out into comedy. Today, the conservative media site debuted the trailer for their upcoming film Lady Ballers. A satire of trans athletes entering women’s sports, Lady Ballers follows a washed-up basketball coach who gathers some of his old friends together to join a women’s basketball league by calling themselves transgender. Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing stars in Lady Ballers, with fellow Daily Wire contributors Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Matt Walsh, Candace Owens, and Michael Knowles making appearances; Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Jordan Peterson also appear. Directed by Boreing, Lady Ballers will be available to stream exclusively on Daily Wire+ on December 1, 2023. You can see the trailer below:

Well, The Daily Wire officially has its niche, if it didn’t already. They’re the guys who make movies Hollywood won’t. First, they cast Gina Carano when she was being blacklisted, then they announced their own version of Snow White (the one that looks like a Snow White movie) while launching a children’s entertainment company, and now, they’ve got a comedy poking fun at trans athletes competing against women in sports. It’s not that Hollywood wouldn’t make this movie; it’s that Hollywood would make the moral that having men competing against women because they use a certain label is good and just and right, and the jokes would be on everyone who refuses to pretend they’re crazy. But the niche is how you get attention; The Daily Wire’s success will rest on whether their movies are good. I don’t know how Lady Ballers will turn out, but the concept is tailor-made for satire; the sight of these big guys destroying women in physical competition, as a matter of course, is hilarious because of how absurd it is that it could even be allowed to happen. But it is happening, and we all know it is, but it’s somehow taboo to disagree with it, so mocking it is both honest and cathartic. If they can do this stuff well, The Daily Wire could get a strong foothold in the entertainment part of the culture.

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