Disney+ Announces Strange World Streaming Date

Despite hitting theaters less than a month ago, we already have a streaming release date for Strange World. Today, Disney announced that the box-office dud will go to Disney+ on December 23rd, just a month after its initial theatrical release. Encanto and Pixar’s Lightyear got similar release windows. 

Strange World Disney+

At this point, these announcements come as little surprise. I don’t think it’s a great business move to make these big-budget movies available to stream so soon after they go to theaters. That’s especially evident in the case of Encanto, which proved very popular on Disney+. I think it could have been a big hit in cinemas like Moana if they hadn’t made it clear that it would be free in a few weeks. In Strange World‘s case, though, I don’t think it matters. This movie was going to bomb because it wasn’t advertised well, and it’s not very good. I also don’t expect it to perform as well on the streaming service as Lightyear and certainly not Encanto

But what do you think? Did you see Strange World, or will you watch it on Disney+? Is Disney leaving money on the table? Leave us a comment below!

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