Disney Considering Indiana Jones TV Series

Indiana Jones 5 won’t be the final nail in the franchise’s coffin. Variety exclusively reports that Disney is considering producing a Disney+ series based on cinema’s greatest adventurer. They’re not sure what this show would be about; it could involve a younger Indy or be a spinoff that doesn’t involve him at all; the only definite information so far is that the show would be “set in the world” of Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford wouldn’t be involved, as he’s said he’s done with the character after the fifth movie. While no names have been mentioned, Variety says Disney has been in “general meetings with writers” about the series. Also, Disney is said to be considering several options to capitalize on the Indy franchise, “which could mean a series, new films, other media, or a combination thereof.”

Thus shouldn’t be all that surprising. Disney loves picking at the bones of dormant franchises – look at all these live-action remakes, redundant Star Wars series, and Lightyear – and Indy is too prized a jewel not to capitalize on one way or another. I have no interest; Indiana Jones doesn’t exist without Harrison Ford (Variety mentions The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles; didn’t watch it, don’t care, but Sean Patrick Flannery still rocks for The Boondock Saints), and I’m not hopeful for the upcoming movie even with his involvement. If they make a series or movie that follows another character in the Indy universe, that would be a milder desecration, but it’s still uninteresting. Indy’s world is interesting because of him, like James Bond (one of the models for Indy); who cares about some rando who happens to occupy the same IP? But they’ll do it, it’ll probably flop, and Disney will call everyone a racist and make three more because it’s what they do.

Do you want the Indiana Jones franchise to continue after Indy 5? What form do you want it to take? Would a Short Round/Sallah team-up change be in the cards? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers as more of your favorite things get scheduled for destruction!

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November 9, 2022 at 4:46 am

Harrison Ford is a legend, but should retire. He’s painful on film now. WTF ever happened to the Chris Pratt takeover idea? After Jurassic, he was the clear choice. Even Shia I’d be fine with. Yes, Indy should continue and so should Tomb Raider. As for what course to take, I did NOT even know until recently that there are a bunch of books by Rob MacGregor. Reading thru the plot summaries and they are awesome sounding. I also like the Vesper Holly books by Lloyd Alexander, even though that is totally different, but in the niche of adventure. There was a news story recently about maybe finding the tomb of Cleopatra and you’d think a writer could make a script of that somehow.

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