Euphoria Will Return in 2025

Season 3 of Euphoria finally has at least a release year: 2025. After it debuted in 2019 and season 2 ended in early 2022, the show’s future has been uncertain. I think we all expected another season after the success of season 2, but nobody knew when it was coming. The pandemic was mostly clear by that point, but strikes and the untimely passing of Angus Cloud have impacted production. Creator Sam Levinson has called season 3, which will allegedly take place five years after the events of season 2, a “film noir.” The season will “explore what it means to be an individual with principles in a corrupt world.”

Well, that’s not the news I wanted, but it’s probably the best possible outcome. I don’t know how they’ll proceed without Angus Cloud; his budding romance with Lexi was one of the surprisingly best parts of season 2. I’m intrigued by the time jump, though. That’ll help explain the absence of characters like Kat and McKay. It also means that whatever happened between Fez and Lexi will be off-screen, which would be necessitated by the circumstances anyway. I find that really sad, even if nothing can be done about it. I’m curious about the idea that Rue is a good person with principles and it’s the world that’s corrupt. She was just a kid, and I don’t blame her for the circumstances that led to her addiction. However, she is absolutely, 100 % responsible for her actions, which include verbally abusing her mom and sister and trying to deal drugs. I look forward to seeing what this all means in context and how it plays out.

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