Marvel and the Multiverse of Rumors

Rumor has it that, in addition to setting up the Disney+ Ironheart show, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will introduce the MCU’s iteration of Doctor Doom. In addition, a shortlist for Fantastic Four casting has allegedly been leaked by 4chan. Finally, a rumor has hit the web that Steven Spielberg has been contacted regarding directing Fantastic Four and declined the offer. All of these items remain unconfirmed by Marvel or any official source and should be treated as hearsay. 

The shortlist for Fantastic Four goes as follows:

   “• John Krasinski’s not coming back

  • Bryce Dallas Howard directing rumor’s false

  • Jason Segel won’t be playing The Thing

  • No director attached as of now

  • They are looking for actors in their 20s – 30s for the main characters

  • Penn Badgley’s one of the top choices for Reed

  • Simon Baker’s wanted for the villain

  • Other names thrown around for the F4 are: Logan Lerman, Freddy Carter, Melissa Benoist, Callan McAuliffe, Natalia Dyer and Jharrel Jerome

  • No offer has been sent out to any actor yet

  • Casting started a couple months ago and should be announced at D23”

If these rumors prove to be accurate, then Disney and Marvel Studios are clearly very concerned about introducing and integrating the Fantastic Four into the MCU. The item I find least likely is that Steven Spielberg was asked to direct the eventual movie, mostly because I can’t believe they would expect him to accept. Spielberg is an established prestige director. As such, I can’t picture him working in a regulated sandbox like Star Wars or Marvel. I think the shortlist could go either way; Penn Badgley is a good pick for Reed Richards based on what little I know of him. He has a good look for the role. While it’s impossible to say for sure at this point, I don’t doubt that they would tease Doctor Doom’s role in the Fantastic Four film in the next Black Panther. I still don’t think that movie is going to be very good, and honestly, I don’t have much faith in Marvel’s overall output at this point.

But what do you think? Do you think these rumors could prove true, and do you want them to? Let us know in the comments!

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July 14, 2022 at 10:35 pm

Honestly, at this point with Marvel’s First Family, they need to set them in their own universe and possibly have them branch out from there, coming to the existing mSheU. Give them a clean slate to work with and still be connected. But its Disney. So…..prepare for shite.

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