Marvel’s Avengers Price Drops 90% Ahead of Delisting

That Avengers game almost nobody played and even fewer people liked is going out with a whimper instead of the bang you’d expect from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. At the beginning of the year, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced that their big superhero video game, Marvel’s Avengers, would be delisted, meaning it will no longer be available to buy and will receive no support from the companies. It will still be playable, and the servers will remain up, but effectively, the game is about to be dead. The final day to buy it is September 30, which is next Friday. To add insult to injury, the price for Marvel’s Avengers has now dropped drastically; you can snag The Definitive Edition in the PlayStation Store and on Steam for $3.99, a 90% decrease from its former $39.99 cost. That’s a lot.

It seems they can’t give this game away. And it’s easy to see why; people were waiting on bated breath for it since that fantastic announcement video six years ago, and the final product was, to put it mildly, not what anyone wanted. Marvel’s Avengers was a bait and switch, a Ms. Marvel game disguised as an Avengers game. It also had some odd designs, like making Captain America look like a riot cop instead of creating a more comics-accurate (or even movie-accurate) costume for him. And apparently, despite having sixty-plus years of comics history to draw from, there were barely any supervillains. Unfortunately for them, the cat was out of the bag long before Marvel’s Avengers went on sale, and people skipped it because, as is proven in Marvel’s every attempt to push this character, nobody’s interested in Ms. Marvel, especially when they were promised a game starring their favorite superheroes. Marvel dropped the ball massively on this, first by not capitalizing on the success of the MCU when it was a cinematic juggernaut (plans for an Avengers game shortly after the movie debuted fell apart) and then for finally making a game that slapped fans in the face. And here they are, essentially begging people to buy their dud of game. Maybe next time, they’ll make a good one.

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September 19, 2023 at 8:46 pm

An amazing screw up. One thing you can say about Harry Potter and Star Wars is that effort goes into the games. Marvel with another error and mistake. It’s triggering. Where is the drive to put out the best in quality from that company? Guess they figure mass-produced cheap crap trash is the way to go.

    September 20, 2023 at 5:22 pm

    It makes me glad that they’re paying for it. There’s no reason the success of the MCU shouldn’t have led to a bunch of great games. I’ve heard Guardians of the Galaxy is good, but it seems to have suffered because of Marvel’s Avengers. Like with the movies, the brand is tainted.

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