Maul Would Have Originally Become General Grievous

Slashfilm recently interviewed The Clone Wars co-creator Henry Gilroy, who is of no relation to Andor‘s Tony Gilroy. Many topics are discussed, and I recommend reading the full interview. I’m particularly interested in the section about Darth Maul. George Lucas was considering resurrecting the Sith apprentice as early as Revenge of the Sith. Check out an excerpt here:

“George was considering that Grievous was Maul behind the armor plate. It made sense. He’s cut in half and he’s in this robot body or whatever. I’m glad that Grievous is his own thing anyway, but I thought it was interesting that the concept guys almost talked George into that.”

Maul Grievous

I have mixed feelings about this concept. It doesn’t matter since this didn’t happen, but it presents some pros and cons. It would have been nice because it explains Grievous’ contempt for Kenobi; obviously, he doesn’t like Jedi, but he seems to have a certain hankering for Obi-Wan’s saber. This would have also solved Maul’s story in the films, which people may have questioned less than a spin-off TV show. I think that’s stupid, and most fans agree The Clone Wars is top-tier, but some people refuse to watch “cartoons” or the TV stuff in general. However, then we would have missed out on great things like Maul’s ignominious fate in The Clone Wars and his beautiful, tragic death in Rebels. Putting him in a robotic body seems easier to explain than his trash body in Clone Wars, but I like the disturbing imagery. I could have done without his cameo in Solo, though! This is another tidbit of what could have been, of which there is plenty in Star Wars

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