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2 years ago 4 Comments

In case you didn’t already know, even the NHL has gone woke. They may be a bit behind the curve, but don’t worry; they’re catching up fast. The NHL often uses the tagline “The Fastest Game on Earth,” but somehow, that wasn’t good enough for them. Now, they want to be the wokest game on …

creed 3
2 years ago 1 Comment

Today, Regal released the first trailer for Creed 3, the first Rocky universe movie without Rocky. This movie looks to focus on an old childhood friend of Adonis coming back into his life.  After kicking ass and taking names in the boxing world, Adonis must fight to keep his glorious life and career. Unfortunately, in …

Henry Cavill
2 years ago no Comment

In an exclusive report, The Hollywood Reporter states that even though there is a battle inside DC and Warner Bros. on the direction of Superman, Henry Cavill is again in the top running to play the character. Now that Discovery owns WarnerMedia, it would seem that they are looking to make some changes. Scratch that; …

Terrifier 2
2 years ago no Comment

It appears 2022 may be a huge year for horror. On top of the final Halloween movie release (we’ll see), a Hellraiser reboot, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 release, we also got a surprise sequel in Terrifier 2. It seems as though many love Art the Clown, as the $250,000 movie (before marketing) has …

Bowser Voice
2 years ago no Comment

Yes… Bowser’s voice is the biggest concern in this movie. Many seem to have a huge problem with Mario’s voice in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, releasing in 2023. If you’re one of these people, you’d be forgiven for allowing Chris Pratt’s attempt at voicing the red-dressed plumber to overshadow a bigger voice concern in …

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