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Ezra Miller Nightmare Gets Worse

Remember when Ezra Miller’s twisted story got to the point where he was accused of grooming a twelve-year-old child into adulthood, physically and psychologically abusing her, and estranging her from her family? It gets worse. The girl’s parents have obtained an order of protection for Tokata Ir...

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Ezra Miller Accused of Manipulating and Grooming an Underage Girl

Ezra Miller is in trouble again. After a string of assault accusations, a couple belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe is claiming Miller has essentially brainwashed their teenage daughter and “taken control” of her with “cult-like psychological manipulation” using “violence, intimida...

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Is Ezra Miller Still The Flash After All?

Reports of Ezra Miller’s DC departure may be premature. A couple of days ago, ScreenGeek reported that a source claimed Warner Bros. was seriously considering replacing Miller in The Flash, with Dylan O’Brien as one of the top candidates to take over as Barry Allen. Now, Variety’s Adam B. Vary...

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Is Warner Bros. Replacing Ezra Miller in The Flash?

The Flash may be changing his face at the speed of light. ScreenGeek exclusively reports that, in the wake of Ezra Miller’s nasty habit of assaulting people, Warner Bros. is “considering their options” for the upcoming DCEU movie The Flash, in which Miller portrays the titular Fastest Man Aliv...

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Ezra Miller Arrested AGAIN!

Well, folks, he’s done it again. Ezra Miller was arrested in Hawaii, this time for second-degree assault. This happened less than a month after he was arrested for disorderly conduct! When in Hawaii, get arrested… twice? So, what did Miller do this time? Well, he was being his usual self...

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Ezra Miller: Miller-Paused at Warner Bros.

On March thirtieth, Warner Bros.’ DC executives held an emergency meeting discussing Ezra Miller and his – I mean, “their” current dilemma. If you haven’t heard, Ezra Miller has been arrested in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment. Click here for all of the details pertaining to h...

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