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REVIEW: The Boys – Season 3, Episode 2, “The Only Man in the Sky”

***SPOILERS*** “The Only Man in the Sky” begins with a trailer for a drama based on Deep’s memoir. Butcher dreams about the supe serum but is awoken by a call from Ryan. Homelander visits Stormfront to remind her that today is his birthday, but she remains motionless and silent. Hu...

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REVIEW: The Boys – Season 3 Episode 1, “Payback”

Finally, my personal favorite Amazon original series is back. Like many other film and TV series, The Boys had a long two-year wait between seasons thanks to covid. This season takes its cues from season 2, at least initially, showing the fallout of Stormfront’s outing as a Nazi and Congress...

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The Boys Trailer Gains Superpowers

We have a couple more weeks to wait for season 3 of The Boys, and Amazon has released another trailer to entice us. Homelander is off the rails (again), Hughie decides to sink to Butcher’s level (again), and Butcher is given pills that give the user superpowers. New supes Soldier Boy and Crimson C...

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The Boys Releases Diabolical Season 3 Teaser

Today, Saturday, March 12th, Amazon Prime dropped the red band teaser for season 3 of The Boys. The superhero satire based on Garth Ennis’ comic books premiered in 2019 and shook up the super scene, with season 2 really kicking things into gear. The series stars Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, a man...

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The Boys Spin-Off Signs Agent Carter Show Runners

Amazon has ordered a spin-off series of The Boys with Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas of Marvel’s Agent Carter as showrunners. The pair are replacing Craig Rosenberg, who exited the project due to creative differences with Amazon and Sony Pictures TV. The new show will take place in America&#...

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The Boys Season 3 Wraps Filming

Stop the presses; we have an update on the hotly-anticipated third season of The Boys. Premiering in 2019, the anti-superhero dramedy has become one of Amazon Prime Video’s most popular original series. Season 1 introduced the deceptive, harsh world of The Seven, a team of superheroes owned and co...

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