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REVIEW: Summer Wars (2009)

Mamoru Hosoda is one of the best anime directors working today. When I watch his films, I can understand the comparisons he gets to the great Hayao Miyazaki. His movies have a strong emotional core and oftentimes deal with family as the main theme. Of them all, Summer Wars is the movie to which I ...

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You Should Be Watching: Extraordinary Tales (2015)

“Sometimes I think the only thing that kept me from you was my beating heart. Welcome back to You Should Be Watching, where I recommend movies and TV series that deserve more recognition. This week we’re looking at Extraordinary Tales, an internationally produced anthology of Edgar Allan Poe ada...

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REVIEW: The After Party (2018)

I get excited whenever a movie uses rap music as part of its story. It’s a great opportunity for two of my favorite art forms to come together and possibly create something amazing. This doesn’t always happen, though; depending on how they mesh, it can be a total disaster. The new Netfli...

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Comic Books for Young Readers

When one looks at the astronomical success of big-screen superhero movies and television series, it stands to reason that flocks of young boys and girls across the country having a growing interest in looking into the source material for their favorite caped (or not caped) crusaders would be concomi...

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REVIEW: Chicken Little (2005)

In the mid-2000s Walt Disney Animation Studio was floundering, struggling to remain relevant. Their attempts at action and sci-fi had backfired, as had the slapstick comedy of Home on the Range. However, they pressed on with 2005’s Chicken Little, another comedy with animal characters. Chicken Lit...

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Champions of the People

As politics grow more and more prevalent in Hollywood’s output, segments of the audience are feeling increasingly alienated from mainstream entertainment (as dwindling movie ticket sales and the sub-basement-level ratings for the Oscars can attest – as well as the huge numbers for a show tha...

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