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Diversity in the Comics Industry

 Diversity is a concept that permeates entertainment culture in a myriad of ways today. It has become the biggest buzz-word and singular focus of social justice and internet keyboard warriors the world over. We see it in our news cycles (all 24 hours of it), science fiction (I’m looking at you Lu...

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New Venom Trailer Oozes From Sony

Get ready for a tongue-lashing, as Sony Pictures has released a new Venom trailer. In the first of their (presumably) Spidey-less Spideyverse movies, Sony’s Venom finds crusading journalist Eddie Brock exposed to an alien symbiote which grants him immense power – but might cost him his soul. Sta...

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Shazam! Trailer Says the Magic Word at Comic-Con

Warner Bros. isn’t done with Comic-Con yet, and follows up the Aquaman presentation with the release of the Shazam! trailer. Based on the DC superhero of the same name (who was previously Captain Marvel, but not that Captain Marvel, but let’s not go down that long and confusing path), Shazam! in...

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Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer Revealed at Comic-Con

The trailers are coming fast and furious at 2018’s San Diego Comic-Con, and following the first look at DC’s Titans is a peek at the second season of one of Marvel’s streaming series. This year has brought sophomore seasons for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, and September 7 will see Danny Rand...

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REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2018)

“With great power must also come great responsibility.” That singular phrase is what writer Nick Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley were entrusted with when they took their respective torches from Dan Slott and his menagerie of collaborators during his run on Marvel’s flagship masked hero. This un...

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Putting the Super Back in Superhero

One of the most appealing things about superheroes is the element of fantasy; they are, essentially, wish fulfillment, vehicles through which downtrodden, imperfect people like us can imagine having the ability to right all the wrongs in our lives, to save the day while making ourselves a little hap...

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