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Angelina Jolie Calls Middle Eastern Countries “Ignorant” For Pulling Eternals, Mum on China

Angelina Jolie is massively coping with the revelation that several Middle Eastern nations (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar) have decided to pull Eternals from their cinemas, sparing their denizens from the MCU’s lowest-rated film. “I’m sad for [those audiences],” said Jolie to news.com.au d...

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REVIEW: Eternals (2021)

If Eternals proves anything, it’s that the cosmic wing of the Marvel Cinematic Universe peaked with Thanos. This is a movie that thinks it’s much smarter than it is, content to have its soulless characters speak monotonously about ideas it has no interest in exploring. It’s pretty to look at ...

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Eternals Getting BOMBED by Industry Reviews Ahead of Release

Even before hitting cinemas on November 5th, Eternals is already making history as the lowest-rated film in the MCU. You hate to see it. At time of writing, Rotten Tomatoes has the film at a 58% based on 141 critic reviews, a full 8 points lower than current titleholder Thor: Dark World at 66%. Whil...

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China May Shun Shang-Chi Over Star’s Comments

Shang-Chi’s ultimate defeat may come at the hands of the Chinese box office – or, in his case, lack thereof. Deadline reports that comments from Simu Liu, the star of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, made that are critical of the Chinese government have been making the rounds on Chines...

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Final Eternals Trailer Pinky-Swears the Movie is Cool

Marvel is looking to instill a little hype in its fanbase because today saw the final Eternals trailer drop. Based on the comic book characters, Eternals introduces a race of alien beings who’ve secretly been living on Earth for millennia and finally come out of hiding to fight their evil nemeses,...

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Eternals Trailer Stands Around and Looks Pretty

The outer reaches of the comic book world are being mined, as Marvel has released a trailer for Eternals (as opposed to “The Eternals,” as I’d been incorrectly calling it until I saw the title card at the end). Eternals concerns an alien race who’ve spent millennia in hiding on Earth coming ...

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