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REVIEW: The Orville – Season 2, Episode 3 “Home”

Three episodes into its second season and The Orville continues to focus on its characters. “Home” is more thrilling than either “Ja’loja” or “Primal Urges,” but its primary function is to develop a member of the crew, this time Alara. And it does so effectively, stripping our favorite...

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Dave Bautista Joins Dune

It looks like Bautista is trading Marvel for the desert. Deadline exclusively reports the wrestler-turned-actor has signed on to Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming Dune adaptation. When this project was first announced, to say I was excited would be an understatement. I h...

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Star Trek 4 Shelved

The crew of the Enterprise won’t be boldly going anytime soon. In an article about S.J. Clarkson directing the pilot for the totally necessary Game of Thrones prequel series, Deadline reveals that her previously pending project, the tentatively titled Star Trek 4, has been shelved by Paramount. Pu...

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The Flash May Shake Up Its Formula

*Spoilers for the Mid-Season Premiere* The Flash may be running away from the meta-of-the-week formula. TVLine reports that during the mid-season premiere, Cisco and Caitlin will look into the possibility of a metahuman cure, a narrative choice that – should the show follow through with it – cou...

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Why I’m Excited: Picard TV Series

I have always had a special relationship with Star Trek. From the time I was eight – and maybe even before that – I would go to all the Star Trek movies with my dad and grandpa. One of my earliest memories is watching Insurrection in the theaters and laughing as Data asked Riker if …

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REVIEW: The Orville – Season 2, Episode 2 “Primal Urges”

As with its first season, The Orville is kicking off its second run with two episodes in the first week. “Primal Urges,” airing in the show’s traditional time slot on Thursday night, is the lost episode from season one after Fox bumped it due to “scheduling.” It’s fairly easy to tell, to...

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