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Lucasfilm Drops Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures on an Unsuspecting Internet

Yesterday afternoon, Lucasfilm announced a new animation project to be released this very November 30th, 2018. Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures will be released in the new Star Wars Kids site and its new YouTube channel. These shorts will focus on the original Star Wars trilogy for the time being, mi...

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The Great Gatsby Origin Story Coming to Youtube

It looks like we’re about to see how Gatsby got the party started. Deadline reports that Stampede Ventures has put in development a project called Gatz, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The concept of this show is based on an academic theory that Fitzgerald had been writing about...

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St. Jude Denied Livestream Money Amid Controversy

The pen really must be mightier than the sword, because it doesn’t even have to be unsheathed to cause harm. In preparing – specifically, in reaching out for comments concerning – an article about alt-right (whatever that means anymore) YouTube videos, and in particular their use of Super Chat...

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