The Dragon Prince Season 4 Trailer Teases The Mystery of Aaravos

“My return to this world is inevitable.”

Today, Netflix released a full trailer for The Dragon Prince Book 4: The Mystery of Aaravos. Although a couple of clips have previously debuted, this is the season’s first proper trailer. In it, we get a good look at the revived Viren, and, boy, he’s not pretty. We’re introduced to the older King Ezran and Zim, mixed in with some decent glimpses of action. Check out the new trailer here:

This is a pretty brief trailer, but I like what we’ve seen so far. I must admit that I was initially confused to see that The Dragon Prince had released the first season 4 trailer; I remembered the two clips released so far and didn’t realize they weren’t technically trailers.

Anyway, Viren looks super creepy, and I just love this design for his re-animated corpse. What Claudia did is unnatural and wrong, and I love that you can see the results in this way. I’m excited to see what Ezran and Callum have been up to, and I find it curious that they haven’t shown Rayla yet. Where’s our awkward Moon Elf ninja goddess? Is she OK? I can’t wait to see this season.

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