Trouble at the Mouse House

It’s the most magical place on Earth! Or is it?

Disney fans have been vocal over their disapproval of increased ticket, food, and merchandise prices and long wait lines at Disney parks. On March 9th, there will be the annual shareholder meeting, and fans are even thinking about trying to have CEO Bob Chapek voted out, as he is up for re-election. Disney fans have created a thread on Reddit called “Unhappy with the Current State of Disney Parks?” where fans share their opinion over who should be elected director. Fans are slightly doubtful that Chapek will be removed. However, the post’s original author shared that Michael Eisner lost 43% of the vote in 2004 after Roy E. Disney led a campaign to oust him and he was removed shortly thereafter. We can do this again.”

Fans have been more public with their displeasure towards Disney ever since the firing of Gina Carano. The surge in prices for just about everything at Disney just increases their frustration. Will Chapek be removed? We will find out in March.

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February 9, 2022 at 7:15 pm

It kind of makes me wish I held onto my stock just to vote to remove him.

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