Vince Gilligan to Write Breaking Bad Film

It looks like Aaron Paul might get his own private domicile once again as Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has signed on to write a new movie set in the series’ universe.The first project under Gilligan’s new deal with Sony, the film is said to take place after the Breaking Bad finale, centering on Jesse Pinkman as he tries to escape New Mexico. Paul is supposed to be reprising his role. There’s good news and bad news about this project. The good news is it’s filming right now. The bad news is that, short of a hallucination, it looks like we won’t get to see Bryan Cranston reprise his iconic role of Walter White, AKA Heisenberg.

Breaking Bad

Frankly, this development is a little shocking to me. When Breaking Bad ended in 2013, Gilligan seemed content to co-showrun the spinoff series Better Call Saul while he developed other projects. Gilligan, who left the Will Smith superhero movie Hancock to work on Breaking Bad, was often spoken of as a massive contradiction on the set, being a soft spoken gentleman, yet being able to write some of the darkest television ever put to film.I had hoped we would get to see some different stories from Gilligan, a la the short-lived Fox drama Battle Creek with Josh Duhamel. I get the impulse to more or less go back to the well, particularly to something as well loved as Breaking Bad; I just wish we’d get a bold new take on something through the Gilligan prism. Just imagine if Daredevil was written by Gilligan. Darn, now I want him to run season 4. Hopefully Paul will have Cranston visit the set and get him out of the RV once in a while.

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