Wookieepedia: Luke Skywalker is LGBTQ

Wookieepedia has listed Luke Skywalker among characters representing the LGBTQ community in Star Wars. Alongside Luke, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Sabé are listed. Sabé is Padmé’s bodyguard, played by Keira Knightley in The Phantom Menace. You might remember a big kerfuffle a while back about Kenobi being considered bi due to a similar retcon. Anyway, this categorization for Luke comes from a 2020 story called “Luke on the Bright Side” from the book Stories of Jedi and Sith

Is anyone else feeling a case of deja vu coming on? The last time this happened was last summer when a book in the Disney canon questioned Obi-Wan’s sexuality by exploring feelings he apparently had for a male Padawan – all this while refusing to acknowledge Satine and his relationship with her in his TV show. This seems even more pointless with Luke, if that’s possible; why retcon a relationship onto a character whose story has nothing to do with romance? I don’t know why Disney is hell-bent on doing this rather than creating new characters who are bi or gay. They have made nonbinary characters Ceret and Terec in The High Republic, so why not do the same for gay fans? Who is out here asking for Luke or Obi-Wan to swing both ways? Also, I somehow doubt Governor freaking Tarkin is the type of representation these groups are seeking. My only thing with the outcry is that if this really does happen in a book, it’s not on Wookieepedia for updating their pages. The changes to established characters are stupid, but they’re just cataloging information. Lucasfilm is to blame. 

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