Across the Spider-Verse Trailer Offers a Choice

A new trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse hit the web today. This clip delves into the family troubles Miles encounters thanks to his Spidey secret. We also get some context for the conflict between him and Spider-Man 2099. Check it out here:

This looks great, full stop. It’s nice to have some idea of Spider-Man 2099’s beef with Miles, although I assume there’s more to it we don’t know, which is good. Of course, the animation looks great; the first movie revolutionized the look of mainstream animation. It’s no coincidence studios like Netflix and DreamWorks are drifting away from the photorealistic Pixar look. This trailer is also packed with great dialogue, which surprised me the most. Much like the first film, it looks like a solid blend of compelling drama and wacky comedy. I can’t wait to see Across the Spider-Verse, and I only hope it stacks up to the first one. 

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