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What Mario, Dr. Seuss and Mr. Rogers Taught Me About Retro Gaming

I recently had family visiting from that nebulous place known as “out of town.” My brothers and I got to looking around at some of our old consoles and decided to fire up the Nintendo 64. Admittedly this was partly to see if the youngest additions to our family – both shy of ten, and … ...

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The Heart of a Gamer

 There has been a number of things booming in the video game community as of late. The continued increase in large AAA titles that contain loot boxes or a season pass of debatable quality (in some form or another) has driven many gamers to measurably reduce the number of games they purchase in a gi...

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Video Games Taught Me to Sing

At the outset of writing this, I should begin with a small personal anecdote: a significant amount of my own inspiration as a musician and composer has come from playing video games. To this day I remember as vividly as ever one of the most powerful visuals I have ever seen: a scene from Final &hell...

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Spider-Man PS4 SDCC Trailer

This week kicked-off the world-renowned San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) in southern California. The summer event is a showcase for all things fandom, from video games to Star Wars to comic books and television series; all corners of geekdom are in full representation at the lauded soirée. Today, video g...

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What I’ve Been Playing: Friday the 13th: The Game

I’d classify myself as a Friday the 13th fan, albeit a casual one. I’ve always been more of a Freddy guy, but my friend Scott got me into the franchise late in my horror film-watching life. He showed me Parts 4-6, and it converted me, even if Part 5 wasn’t the best. But when I heard … ...

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Telltale Games to Develop Stranger Things Video Game

A final tidbit from E3 is making the rounds, as Telltale Games has announced on Twitter that they are developing a video game based on Netflix’s hit sci-fi series Stranger Things. The tweets are agonizingly short on details, but the folks at Telltale reveal that the Stranger Things video game ...

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