Eddie Murphy Will Do More Shrek Movies

In case anyone is wondering, Eddie Murphy wants to play Donkey in Shrek 5. He was promoting his new movie You People with Etalk when Shrek came up. He also questioned why Puss in Boots was given his own spin-off movies when Donkey was left out, despite being “funnier.” Check out an excerpt here:

“DreamWorks, if y’all want to do it, just call me. I’m ready. I’m sitting and ready to do Donkey.”

Since Antonio Banderas has already been playing Puss in Boots in the spin-off films, it looks like the gang is getting back together. I’m not necessarily in favor of more Shrek movies, but Shrek 5 is inevitable after the tease at the end of The Last Wish. Shrek could have ended with Shrek 2 as far as I’m concerned, but with the caveat that we also still get The Last Wish. I’m not surprised Murphy wants to return; besides Netflix’s Dolemite is My Name, he hasn’t been in much lately. 

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