Encanto Is a Franchise, Says Disney CEO Bob Chapek

Disney may not be done with the Magical Madrigals just yet.

On a company earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Chapek referred to Encanto as the start of a franchise. Despite underperforming at the box office, the animated film has become a juggernaut for Disney+. Meanwhile, every song in the film has landed on the hot 100. The lively salsa number “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has surpassed Frozen’s “Let it Go” from 2013 to become the most popular Disney tune in 26 years. Read Chapek’s full statement below: 

“We’ve had a very strong start to the fiscal year, with a significant rise in earnings per share, record revenue and operating income at our domestic parks and resorts, the launch of a new franchise with Encanto, and a significant increase in total subscriptions across our streaming portfolio to 196.4 million, including 11.8 million Disney+ subscribers added in the first quarter…”

This is good news. I didn’t like Encanto much when I first saw it. One of my biggest gripes was that a 100-minute animated movie didn’t have the time to explore so many characters. I have younger siblings, so naturally, I’ve seen the film several more times since it hit Disney+. I find that this is a movie I like a little bit more every time I see it. The characterization is more subtle and nuanced than I first gave it credit for, and the soundtrack is a work of art in itself. Encanto gives its themes breathing room and delves into every point of view, showing the motives of its “antagonist”(not villain) in a realistic and empathetic way. Composer Lin-Manuel Miranda has expressed interest in a Broadway adaptation of Encanto. Likewise, the directors have hinted at a sequel to further explore the Madrigal family. I eagerly await more news on this front, and I hope Miranda is involved with whatever they cook up!

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