HBO and Columbia to Release Game of Thrones Inspired Album

Several musical artists will soon be vying for the Iron Throne as Billboard reports that HBO and Columbia Records are teaming to produce an officially licensed album tying into the former’s massively popular fantasy series, Music Inspired by Game of Thrones. While no specific performers were mentioned, the album will feature songs by musicians “from diverse musical genres.” No release date is specified either, but it’s likely the record will drop close to the premiere of the eighth season of Game of Thrones in 2019 to help publicize – or draw publicity from – the final season of the premium channel sensation, which is currently filming.

Ed Sheeran, Game of Thrones, Music Inspired by Game of Thrones

This is a neat idea. The show’s score is immensely popular (try mentioning a wedding without someone making a “Rains of Castamere” joke), and the hype surrounding the final foray into Westeros should generate plenty of album sales. The promise of “diverse musical genres” is particularly intriguing; one can imagine a hard rock tribute to the White Walkers coming just before a teeny-bopper ballad lamenting the brother who got away. And since we don’t know who the artists will be yet, fans get to speculate as to who will sing these songs of ice and fire. Several musicians have made appearances on the show, most notoriously Ed Sheeran last year; all or some of them could get a track (though after the tantrum at his guest spot, I’d bet against Sheeran). Looking at the list of artists under Columbia’s label, I’m very interested in AC/DC putting something together; and my pie in the sky pick would be Meat Loaf. I imagine Music Inspired by Game of Thrones will veer towards more contemporary acts, but at this point why not keep hope alive?

Will you check out Music Inspired by Game of Thrones? Which artists would you like to see contribute to the album? Have you gone crazy from Game of Thrones withdrawal yet? Let us know in the comments!

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