Is Secret Wars on the Way in the MCU?

The Russo Brothers know how to drive Marvel fans crazy. At the premiere for their Netflix action movie The Gray Man, Joe and Anthony Russo (or Joe Russo, really) spoke to Deadline about a possible Marvel movie they’d want to direct. The answer is not so much surprising as it is mouthwatering:

Secret Wars, written in the 80s by Jim Shooter, is one of the most popular comic book events of all time. A collection of Marvel heroes is whisked away to another world by a cosmic being called the Beyonder to do battle with a team of villains, with the winner being granted whatever they wish. It would be an ambitious movie for sure, but till now, everyone probably assumed it was a pipe dream. However, Russo’s language suggests that it’s at least possible Secret Wars will come to the screen at some point. For example, he says “two movies” as though it’s been discussed and decided; he also says, “We’re gonna have to sleep on it,” again as though there’s an offer on the table, or a likely one somewhere down the line. And Anthony Russo is suspiciously silent as Joe speaks for both of them, suggesting that he knows what Joe is going to say and agrees with it.

However, I think, for now, this is just daydreaming on Joe Russo’s part and not an indication of something that’s definitely coming. Saying that Secret Wars would be two movies is probably just a logical assumption because of the story’s scope and length, plus their experience making Infinity War and Endgame. “We’re gonna have to sleep on it” may just be poorly worded because they were put on the spot and had to ramble off a reply before moving on to the next news outlet. And Anthony letting Joe do the talking could be because they’ve discussed it before and agreed they’d love to make Secret Wars. And aside from this interview, a Secret Wars movie would be tough to make now. Captain America, Iron Man, and the Hulk are almost certainly done in the MCU, and they’re major characters in the comic. (Technically, it was Rhodey in the Iron Man armor, but then, Thor was Eric Masterson in The Infinity Gauntlet, which wisely didn’t make Infinity War/Endgame.) They could pull a Civil War and pare down the roster of heroes and villains, but it would be a tough sell as the major event it should be without those guys. I’m not sure how interested people would be in seeing Shuri, Ironheart, and Ms. Marvel leading the charge on Battleworld. Doctor Doom is rumored to be on his way, as are the X-Men and Fantastic Four, which is a point in its favor. But I don’t see this on the horizon at the moment, at least in any worthwhile version.

Would you like to see the Russo Brothers direct a Secret Wars movie? Is it worth adapting the story without some of the big guns? Will Thor wish for some respect in his next film if he wins? Let us know in the comments, and stick around Geeks + Gamers for more Marvel wish-making!

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