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Ted Series Trailer Brings Seth MacFarlane’s Bear to the Small Screen

Peacock has released a trailer for Ted, the upcoming prequel series to the two comedy films Ted and Ted 2. Ted (the show; I really wish they’d stop naming different movies and shows in a series the exact same thing) finds John Bennett, the character played by Mark Wahlberg in the films, in high ...

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REVIEW: Uncharted (2022)

In an era rampant with politically divisive films, a dumb-fun action flick may be exactly what audiences need. Uncharted was released in theatres this weekend, attempting to simply entertain fans and be an escape from the real world. While the critics reviled this film, mocking its simplistic plo...

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Uncharted Trailer Looks Like a Video Game

Bone up on your climbing skills because Sony has released the first trailer for the Uncharted movie, mysteriously titled Uncharted. Acting as a prequel to the best-selling video game series – at least they seem to think so – Uncharted will “reveal” how a young Nathan Drake became an archeolo...

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First Image From Uncharted Movie Surfaces

Nathan Drake’s in the middle of a jump from video games to movies. Based on the bestselling Naughty Dog game series, the Uncharted movie has just finished filming, and Tom Holland has posted a picture of himself as hero Nathan Drake from the shoot. Directed by Ruben Fleischer of Zombieland and Ven...

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REVIEW: Scoob! (2020)

The time has finally come. While I had hoped to see my beloved Great Dane’s next adventure on the big screen, I will be forever grateful to director Tony Cervone and Warner Bros. for making Scoob! available at home amid the pandemic. So without further ado, let’s see what this opening salvo in t...

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REVIEW: Spenser Confidential

The work of Robert B. Parker has always been special to me. His characters Jesse Stone and Spenser introduced me to the mystery genre alongside James Patterson’s Alex Cross. Parker himself also served as an inspiration for me to finally get some ideas on paper. I even adopted his writing routine�...

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