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Week 4 Recap of the 2021 NFL Season | The Return of the King

There are now only two winless and one lone undefeated team left in the NFL after Week 4. While the combined sum of all the games did not match up to the theatrics of the past couple of weeks, it was always to be headlined with the Sunday night game, featuring the conquering hero making …

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ESPN Host Sage Steele Takes Aim at Barack Obama, Vaccine Mandates and Female Journalists

ESPN may have found themselves in a tough spot on what to do about Sage Steele. What she said during an appearance on the “Uncut with Jay Cutler” podcast isn’t wrong, isn’t outlandish, but it’s not towing the party line. First, she aired her grievances with the COVID vaccine mandate that t...

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Another Week of Wrestling #20 (4th October 2021)

I discuss Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Bron Breakker, Cody Rhodes, wrestling news, and more! Welcome, and thanks for joining me at Geeks + Gamers! <—Last week’s installment of Another Week of Wrestling! As well as previously bringing you That’s Not Wrestling and ranting about PPVs on YouTube, I...

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“F-ck Joe Biden” Chants Taking Over NASCAR and all Live Events

Brandon Brown took his first NASCAR Xfinity Series victory on Saturday at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway. He gave a very jubilant and excited interview to NBC reporter Kelli Stavast and gave shoutouts to his father: “Dad, we did it, let’s go!” But more importantly, the fans wanted to get ...

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Penrith Panthers Win 2021 NRL Premiership

After failing to capitalise on repeat sets close to South’s goal line, Penrith had to settle for a penalty goal, giving them a two-point lead at halftime. The Penrith Panthers overcame South Sydney Rabbitohs to claim the 2021 NRL premiership. After last season’s crushing Grand Final defe...

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Olympic Trans Athlete Laurel Hubbard Wins Sportswoman of the Year

Laurel Hubbard, the first trans woman to compete in the Olympics, has won “Sportswoman of the Year” from the University of Otago. Notable for being a biological male and living her life as such for the first 35 years of said life, Hubbard made the New Zealand weightlifting team in the over-87-ki...

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