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Disney in the Dumps: Weekly Recap – March 21st

Another week, another slew of headlines featuring Disney falling flat on their faces. Poor Walt must be rolling in his grave. Let’s jump in! Shanghai Resort Closes Due to Covid Spike in China China’s Shanghai Disney resort has closed yet again due to a spike in Covid-19. The park closed ...

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Disney’s Publicity Stunts of The Week: A Roundup

There’s trouble at the Mouse House – again! Let’s dive into Disney’s disastrous PR week. At The Parks First off, the least problematic issue for Disney: resellers are clearing the parks out of items for third-party sites like eBay, Facebook, and Mercari. They are even using thei...

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Entertainment Weekly Unveils Exclusive Obi-Wan First Look

On Wednesday, March the 9th, Entertainment Weekly revealed eight exclusive new Obi-Wan Kenobi photos. The spotlight is on the series’ titular hero, but the images also re-introduce Joel Edgerton as Uncle Owen and offer us our first look at Moses Ingram’s Inquisitor character Reva. Check out th...

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Get your hick on at the ground-quaking, leg-breaking, booty-shaking barnyard party happening on Drunk3PO’s farm this coming weekend! Jay (known as Drunk3PO online), famous for his barnyard parties and love for tapeworms, is having the biggest redneck party of all time! There will be multiple h...

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Disney Submits Gina Carano For Mandalorian Emmy After Firing Her

Disney and Lucasfilm have submitted MMA fighter turned actress Gina Carano for a supporting actress Emmy Award for her role in The Mandalorian. Twitter user Price of Reason posted an image of the Emmy consideration list from Lucasfilm and Disney with Gina Carano’s name circled, as seen below: ...

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