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Warner Bros. Discovery Not Bowing to Diversity Demands

That Batgirl news is making a bunch of angry activists polish their “I told you so” lectures. A few days ago, Bloomberg ran a story about Warner Bros. Discovery and its hiring practices under CEO David Zaslav – specifically, that they’re hiring too many white men. Zaslav apparently has a his...

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Geeks + Gamers’ Jeremy Gets Hate for Criticizing Kenobi

Following criticism of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Geeks + Gamers’ own Jeremy talked about the reactions in a video, particularly Ewan McGregor’s response to alleged racist comments. This led to the usual Twitter backlash, with one particularly fervent poster suggesting that he deserves to die for e...

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TikTok Cancels Charles Dickens

Another day, another cancellation! This time it is English author Charles Dickens, and for probably one of the dumbest reasons so far! Dickens is most famous for his works such as David Copperfield, A Tale Of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, and many more! Click here ...

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Marvel Accused of Light-Washing America Chavez

Woke on woke crime has come for the production of Doctor Strange 2 in the form of a myriad of Twitter attacks directed at 15-year-old actress Xochitl Gomez, who will be playing America Chavez. These rampantly hateful attacks have been hurled at Gomez for “Light-washing America Chavez.” The major...

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The SJW Behind Geeks + Gamers

I’m sure that all of you who know Geeks + Gamers probably wonder where the many rumors about them and Jeremy came from. Is Jeremy really bald? Does he live in a pool house or his parent’s basement? DOES HE ACTUALLY LIKE THE LAST JEDI? These rumors are actually fact-based and came from a ...

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Gal Gadot Under Attack From Woke Twitter Mob After Being Cast as Cleopatra

The woke Twitter mob really needs to get more consistent with their outrage. Only days ago, SJWs on Twitter complained that Mel Gibson, who was accused of anti-Semitic remarks fourteen years ago, was going to be in a movie. Evidently, it’s “rules for thee but not for me,” because t...

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