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Justice League trailer, Justice League, Snyder Cut
2 months ago 1 Comment

The long-awaited trailer for Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League has been released, but not without controversy. Someone with access to a still of the trailer leaked an image, which forced Snyder to move up the release from its scheduled time. The following tweet from Grace Randolph states, “It seems some jerk has leaked still …

Justice League, Snyder Cut
2 months ago 2 Comments

The Snyder Cut of Justice League finally has a release date, which will be March 18th, 2021. Two days ago, Zack released three images that revealed different aspects of the movie with the release date below each. Beyond The Trailer’s Grace Randolph revealed on Twitter that a trailer for the movie would possibly be dropping …

Thor: Love and Thunder set photos, Thor, Thor: Love and Thunder
3 months ago 1 Comment

In an exclusive for Geeks + Gamers, I have obtained images from the set of the latest Disney and Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder. I was made aware that Thor: Love and Thunder is being filmed in Sydney, where I live. This presented an opportunity for me to travel to the set. The majority …

Outside the Wire
3 months ago no Comment

This last Friday, Netflix released a new movie called Outside the Wire. This film is set in a near future where the U.S., aided by their Gumps (robotic soldiers), are peacekeepers in the middle of a European civil war. Our introduction to the main character Harp, played by Damson Idris, is well established as we …

Star Wars game
3 months ago 1 Comment

The floodgates are open just days after the announcement of a newly unified Lucasfilm Games division.  A Lucasfilm Games announcement, along with a report from WIRED, states that Ubisoft Massive and Lucasfilm games are collaborating to create a new Star Wars title. This comes as a surprise to most, with EA’s license with Lucasfilm set to …

Lord of the Rings
3 months ago 2 Comments

An exclusive from claims to have acquired the synopsis for the first season of the Lord of The Rings show on Amazon Prime.  They state, “thanks to an incredible spy report[,] has verified the authenticity & accuracy of this show description.” The synopsis reads as follows: “Amazon Studios’ forthcoming series brings to screens …

Indiana Jones
3 months ago 5 Comments

A day after revealing the new and improved Lucasfilm Games department, a brand new Indiana Jones title has been announced.   The announcement came via Bethesda’s Twitter account, where they released a 30-second teaser. The teaser contains a panning shot showing maps, a compass, and various labeled items attributed to the studios involved, all set to …

Lucasfilm Games
3 months ago 4 Comments

Lucasfilm announced its new unified games division, Lucasfilm Games, in a recent blog post.  In the post, Lucasfilm included links to new social media channels, a sizzle reel, and a freshly styled logo that will appear in all future Lucasfilm games.  “Lucasfilm’s legacy in gaming stretches back decades,” the post says. “And with Lucasfilm and …

Neil Druckmann
4 months ago 6 Comments

Self-described “abuser of characters” Neil Druckmann has been promoted to co-President of Naughty Dog Studios. The promotion was announced via the company’s blog as Naughty Dog President Evan Wells stated, “At an all-studio meeting today, we announced some well-deserved promotions: Neil Druckmann now joins me as Co-President of Naughty Dog, after serving almost three years as …

6 months ago 1 Comment

Sucker Punch released Ghost of Tsushima’s “Legends” DLC update overnight Australian Time.  The visually stunning free update was met with fan appraisal, “Legends is one of the best free updates I’ve ever played. Enough said.” @GermanStrands via Twitter.  The update gives you the option to choose between four characters. Either Samurai, Ronin, Assassin, or the …

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