Rings of Power Releases Final Trailer

Just over a week out from the series premiere, Amazon has dropped a final trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. This show has been mired in controversy since its inception, and the studio’s attempts to hype it up have been met with ridicule. Aside from ignoring Peter Jackson’s offer of help and changing the characters rather than creating new ones, they’ve been telling their critics to shut up. But hope springs eternal, and this season cost $1 billion, so they’re still pushing out ads. Check out the new trailer here:

In fairness, the backgrounds are stunning, and the music is nice, if a bit too modern for my taste, given the context. I’m sure the score will be very different from this song, anyway. That being said, this trailer doesn’t make me feel any better about the show as a whole. Here we are with warrior goddess Galadriel again, and hobbits which shouldn’t be mentioned in the Second Age. This version of Sauron just looks goofy to me, like a lanky kid lashing out at his well-meaning but suffocating parents. There are lines I like here and there, like when the female dwarf says, “This will be your kingdom someday.” You can tell they are trying to give this thing an air of epic fantasy. I just think they’ve changed too many things for the core fanbase to enjoy this show, but we’ll see in time.

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