RUMOR: Lucasfilm Finally Sketching Out Movie Plan?

Jeff Sneider of The Hot Mic podcast reports that Lucasfilm is assembling a five-year plan for Star Wars movies. He says 2025 is still the earliest we get a Star Wars film, but that pieces are being moved into place following Bob Chapek’s departure. He says:

“I think it was a conscious decision to pivot to television for a while and really establish Disney+ and tell some different stories.”

Lucasfilm Plan

There’s not much to go on here, and nothing we didn’t already assume. The Rise of Skywalker sucked sewage, even shocking devout sequel defenders into silence. I’m not sure I want more Star Wars movies unless things change at Lucasfilm. I’ve enjoyed a lot of the Disney+ content, but Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi proved that they hadn’t figured it out completely. TV is just a lower-stakes playground to test these properties; if a show flops, you just don’t renew it. You didn’t directly lose millions of dollars as a result. Getting a plan in place is essential, and I find it embarrassing that this wasn’t done before it was too late.

But what do you think? Talk to us about the rumor, the idea of more movies, or anything Star Wars!


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