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Among Us, Limiss
3 months ago 4 Comments

JUST IN: Ryan Kinel’s real name was revealed last Tuesday during an Among Us stream (Tuesday, July 20th, 2021). Those of you who know the game will know that when you join in on Among Us, you are required to put in your name before playing. Ryan entered the room as “Limmis.” Most of the …

4 months ago 4 Comments

It’s finally here! Geeks + Gamers just opened up their very own zoo, and we are excited to share with you the animals that we have collected so far. Now, obviously, we have giraffes. Can’t have a zoo without them, though they keep sticking out their tongues, for whatever reason. Our zoo doctor told us …

5 months ago 9 Comments

Welcome to Geeks and Gamers’ first Bachelorette dating game, where we have three of the finest single ladies looking to meet their soul mate. If you find that any of these women meet your expectations, please @Drunk3PO on Twitter for their phone numbers. (wink) Bachelorette #1 – Jerlane: Jerlane (not to be confused with Jerlene) …

5 months ago 7 Comments

Get your hick on at the ground-quaking, leg-breaking, booty-shaking barnyard party happening on Drunk3PO’s farm this coming weekend! Jay (known as Drunk3PO online), famous for his barnyard parties and love for tapeworms, is having the biggest redneck party of all time! There will be multiple hick games and activities that everyone is welcome to enjoy. …

SJW, Geeks + Gamers, Jeremy Griggs
5 months ago 14 Comments

I’m sure that all of you who know Geeks + Gamers probably wonder where the many rumors about them and Jeremy came from. Is Jeremy really bald? Does he live in a pool house or his parent’s basement? DOES HE ACTUALLY LIKE THE LAST JEDI? These rumors are actually fact-based and came from a YouTube …

6 months ago 9 Comments

As most of you guys already know, here at Geeks + Gamers, we have many people on the team who are very unique. One that stands out is a being named Ryan Kinel. You’ve heard of Ryan, either through his strong opinions on YouTube or making fun of people’s Mii’s on Mario Kart. Regardless of …

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