RUMOR: Disney+ Shuffles Disenchanted Release Date?

A few outlets are reporting that Disney has modified Disenchanted‘s release date. I have been unable to find confirmation of this news, so for the time being, it should be treated as a rumor. The reports state that the movie will be available to stream on Disney+ a week early, on November 18th rather than the 24th, the date they’ve been touting for monthsDisenchanted is a sequel to Disney’s 2007 cult classic Enchanted, which saw Amy Adams in the role of an animated fairytale heroine thrust into the darkness of modern New York City. Rumors of a theatrical continuation of the musical parody swirled for years until Disney+ finally announced Disenchanted

Disenchanted release date

It would be nice to get a Disney+ release early rather than late for once, but honestly, I don’t think Disney+ has it together. They shuffle releases quite a lot, and I don’t understand why. For example, the Star Wars series The Bad Batch‘s second season has been pushed back multiple times and will now premiere almost a year late. This appears to have been done to accommodate big releases like Andor and Kenobi, but why didn’t they just plan it that way in the first place? Their original properties also get released and never mentioned again. The only hits on Disney+ seem to be Star Wars/Marvel series, continuations of popular movies, or animated Disney and Pixar movies that didn’t do well theatrically. I’m excited for Disenchanted, and I hope it’s not a disaster like Hocus Pocus 2, but I can’t help wondering if Disney+ and its content are being mismanaged. 

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